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How to PlayForced Order
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Bmjwj ini Ozqnzx Hfjxfw qnaj?
Ymj Hfjxfw Hdumjw btwpx gd xmnkynsl ymj qjyyjwx tk ymj ... .
Lsa qerc pixxivw mw xlivi mr xli Irkpmwl eptlefix?
Rctqca Kimaiz kzmibml bpm kgxpmz bw kwuucvqkibm eqbp pqa ... .
Sx grsmr wynobx myexdbi gkc Qkev vymkdon?
Pcog qpg qh vjg vyq ockp ugpcvqtu yjq owtfgtgf Lwnkwu Ecguct.
Cqn Ljnbja Lhyqna ... rb bxvncrvnb dbnm cx bqroc cqn unccnab.
Jub jebgr gur cynl 'Whyvhf Pnrfne'?
Ehmhrg sgd ptnsd: 'Ds st ...?'.
Uswksj vawv gf lzw ... gx Esjuz.
Hvs otcfsasbhwcbsr rom wg cb hvs ...hv ct Aofqv.
The final word is:

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