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Can you name the missing word in the names of Harry Potter characters?

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Hermione _____?Gryffindor prefect
_____ Hagrid?Half-Giant
Sirius _____?Harry's godfather
_____ Snape?Head of Slytherin
Albus _____?Hogwarts Headmaster
_____ Pettigrew?Scabbers
Dolores _____?Hogwarts High Inquisitor
_____ Delacour?Bill Weasley's wife
Amycus _____?Death Eater
_____ Shacklebolt?Auror
Remus _____?Marauder, Werewolf
_____ Chang?Harry's first love
Charlie _____?Works with dragons
_____ Zabini?Slytherin student
Cedric _____?Triwizard Cup co-winner
_____ Maxime?Head of Beauxbatons
Rowena _____?Co-founder of Hogwarts
_____ Moody?Retired Auror
Rita _____?Daily Prophet reporter
____ Lovegood?Dumbledore's Army
Narcissa _____?Draco's mother
_____ Crabbe?Inquisitorial Squad
Garrick _____?Wandmaker
_____ Filch?Hogwarts caretaker
Viktor _____?Bulgarian Seeker
_____ Jordan?Quidditch commentator
Petunia _____?Harry's aunt
_____ McGonagall?Head of Gryffindor
Parvati _____?Dumbledore's Army
_____ Bell?Gryffindor chaser
Tom Marvolo _____?Lord Voldemort
_____ Abbott?Hufflepuff student
Frank _____?Neville's father
_____ Hufflepuff?Co-founder of Hogwarts
Colin _____?Dumbledore's Army
_____ Grindelwald?Durmstrang student
Bellatrix _____?Death Eater
_____ Karkaroff?Head of Durmstrang
Susan _____?Hufflepuff student
_____ Finnigan?Gryffindor student
Sybil _____?Divination professor
_____ Slughorn?Former Potions professor
Andromeda _____?Nymphadora's mother
_____ Goyle?Inquisitorial Squad
Marietta _____?Ravenclaw student
_____ Fudge?Minister for Magic
James _____?Harry's father
_____ Wood?Gryffindor captain
Mundungus _____?Order of Phoenix
_____ Parkinson?Slytherin student
Godric _____?Co-founder of Hogwarts
_____ Scrimgeour?Head of the Auror Office
Septima _____?Arithmancy professor
_____ Flamel?Alchemist
Bartemius _____?Death Eater
_____ Thicknesse?Under Imperius Curse
Cuthbert _____?History of Magic professor
_____ Finch-Fletchley?Dumbledore's Army
Quirinus _____?Possessed by Voldemort
_____ Slytherin?Co-founder of Hogwarts
Lavender _____?Dumbledore's Army
_____ Flitwick?Head of Ravenclaw
Fenrir _____?Werewolf
_____ Johnson?George Weasley's wife
Gilderoy _____?Fraudulent author
_____ Sprout?Head of Hufflepuff
Rolanda _____?Flying instructor
_____ Burbage?Muggle Studies professor
Poppy _____?School nurse
_____ Pince?Hogwarts librarian

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