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Can you name the Monstercat song by these lyrics?

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LyricsSong TitleArtist(s)
I could hear it in the wind.
After all these crazy things I've said and done.
The clocks in the walls are numb.
I can make you scream without saying a word.
You so fly walking by.....
I let you run my life, now you won't get me down.
The sun won't ask the world if it can rise.
Revenge is all so sweet sometimes.
They'll wait for me to give it up.
I feel you rushing through my veins; our bodies getting closer.
Your sweet voice through the duct tape...
Now, I know this much is true; I won't be running after you.
So it's one for the two, and two for the phony call.
LyricsSong TitleArtist(s)
I go to sleep. Open my eyes. I'm looking down.
They will crumble at the sight of our legion.
In the middle of the night; casts a bright light...
I got a feeling, and my heart starts beating...
Nobody knows where to find my family.
Took too much to fast, no wonder we crashed.
Just for tonight, let the lines get blurred, let your thoughts be free.
I vow to right this wrong, I promise here and now.
The ground shakes as our love gets loud.
But these seconds are valuable.
Without you here I would've never seen the stars.
You see these eyes, following you, following you.
Install and puppet government and call it our own.

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