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Can You Name The Current Members of the X-Men?

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Victor Borkowski 
Warren Worthington, III 
Hisako Ichiki 
Dr. Hank McCoy 
Jonothon Starsmore 
Piotr Rasputin 
Cyborg from Earth-10511 
Alien videographer 
X-Men's doctor 
Anjelica Jones 
Imperceptibility ability 
Joanna Cargill 
Paige Guthrie 
Robert Drake 
Jubilation Lee 
Xi'an Coy Manh 
Grandchild of the original 
Monet St. Croix 
Rachel Grey (Earth-811) 
Kurt Wagner 
Jean-Paul Beaubier 
Megan Gwynn 
Elizabeth Braddock 
Anna Marie 
Ororo Munrue 
Ava'Dara Naganandini 
James Howlett 
Jean Grey Students
Ruth Aldine 
Roxanne Washington 
Of the Brood race 
Alisa Tager 
a Atlantean ward 
Sooraya Qadir 
Student with progeria 
A Inferno Baby 
Evan Sabahnur 
Nezhno Abidemi 
Jean Grey Students
Robert Herman 
Jonas Graymalkin 
Jullian Keller 
Paras Gravaskar 
Eric Gitter 
Quentin Quire 
alias--White King 
Benjamin Hamill 
Cessily Kincaid 
Lin Li 
Jean Grey Students.
Martha Johansson 
Idie Okonkwo 
Teon Macik 
Ant-Scorpion student 
Santo Vaccarro 
Iara Dos Santos 
Jai Jing 
Noriko Ashida 
Hope Abbott 
Laurie Tromette 
Gabriel Cohuelo 
Extinction Team
Scott Summers 
Alison Blaire 
alias--White Queen 
Kitty's dragon friend 
Illyana Rasputina 
Kitty Pryde 
Extinction Team Students
Worthington (Earth-TRN240) 
Henry McCoy (Earth-TRN240) 
a Stepford Cuckoo 
Fabio Medina 
David Bond 
Robert Drake (Earth-TRN240) 
Extinction Team Students
Jean Grey (Earth-TRN240) 
a Stepford Cuckoo 
Benjamin Deeds 
a Stepford Cuckoo 
Eva Bell 
Christopher Muse 
Laura Kinney 

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