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Can you name the historical events during WWII ?

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This Ethiopian emperor returns to his throne after 5-yrs of exile because of Italian colonialism May 5th, 1941
British troops force the surrender of the fascist holding of this country located in the horn of ArfricaMay 19th, 1941
British and French Free forces drive the Vichy French from this Middle Eastern country which then inturn gains its independenceJune 21st, 1941
The Nazi army invades this country breaking a signed pact between themJune 22nd, 1941
This man became the chief resistance leader against the Nazi's in YugoslaviaJuly 4th, 1941
Japan invades these 2 countries located in eastern-AsiaJuly 27th, 1941
FDR and Churchill agree on a declaration similiar to the charecteristics of Pres. Wilson's 14pts regaurding their terms of involvement in WWIIAugust 14th, 1941
Soviet and British forces invade and occupy this Asian country in an attempt to prevent its oil supplies from falling into Nazi handsAugust 26th, 1941
The German secret police published an order that all Jews will have to wear this pinned on themselves in publicSeptember 19th, 1941
This country repels a Japanese offensive at ChanglaOctober 1st, 1941
The Japanese attack this British colony in the east-IndiesDecember 1st, 1941
The Nazis are repelled after reaching the outskirts of this Soviet city with winter soon underwayDecember 5th, 1941
The Japanese attack this U.S. naval base in Hawaii officially bringing the U.S. into WWIIDecember 7th, 1941
The Japanese invade and then occupy this east-Asian island countryDecember 10th, 1941
Nazi leaders met in Berlin to discuss what they called the 'final solution' to the Jewish problem. This genocide performed on the Jewish peoples became known asJanuary 20th, 1942
The British surrender this colonial country to the Japanese loseing control of a major waterway on the sea route connecting Europe and Asia February 15th, 1942
Petain appeased Hitler and recalls this man, to form a new Vichy government with dictatorial powers over FranceApril 18th, 1942
U.S. airman bomb this Japanese city in a daring raid in retaliation for Pearl HarborApril 18th, 1942
After 4-days of savage fighting in the pacific between Japan and the U.S., this battle was one of the biggest navy encounters in historyJune 7th, 1942
FDR and Churchill militarily agree to open up this in Europe against the AxisJune 26th, 1942
U.S. Marines land on this province of the Solomon Islands where there will be fierce battles with the Japanese August 7th, 1942
This Allied country attacks and forces the Japanese to withdraw from New GuineaSeptember 27rd, 1942
This general in charge of the British 8th Army gives Erwin Rommel a tough battle and forces him out of North AfricaOctober 31st, 1942
The Soviets surrounded Nazi occupiers at this battle, forcing them to surrender, due to no supplies in the winter months. This battle turned the tide against the Nazis in the USSRJanuary 31st, 1943
Axis troops begin their withdrawl from this North African countryApril 3rd, 1943
Over 4,000 Polish officers bodies are discovered in a mass grave by the Nazis in this forest. The events were performed by the Soviets during their occupation of the areaApril 13th, 1943
This occured in the Nazi controlled Jewish ghetto area of Warsaw in order to avoid being sent to concentration campsApril 19th, 1943
The biggest battle in history using these types of mechanical weapons occured at Kursk between the Soviets and NazisJuly 13th, 1943
FDR, Churchill and Stalin meet at this conference to discuss how the postwar world should be handledNovember 28th, 1943
He is given command of the entire Allied army in western EuropeDecember 24th, 1943
This man becomes Commander-in-Chief of the Free French forcesApril 4th, 1944
This is the name given to the Allied invasion of NormandyJune 6th, 1944

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