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Can you name the historical events during World War II?

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U.S. British and French troops storm the beaches of Normandy along with this countryJune 6th, 1944
FDR signs this bill giving benefits to the soldiers of WWII and future warsJune 22nd, 1944
Hitler survived an assassination attempt from within his own government orchestrated by this manJuly 20th, 1944
Hitler promotes this man to director of the entire Reich for the remainder of the warJuly 25th, 1944
This is marked as the day this city was liberated from Nazi ruleAugust 25th, 1944
U.S. liberates this European countrySeptember 9th, 1944
Gen. famous for saying, 'I shall return' takes the Philippines back from the JapaneseOctober 25th 1944
This man is elected for an unprecidated 4th-term as president while the U.S. is entrenched in WWIINovember 7th, 1944
Counter-attack by the Nazis took the allies by surprise in the Ardennes Mts of Belgium, and became known as this battleDecember 16th, 1944
This U.S. Lt.General moves his troops across the Saar Basin region of Germany, then breaking through the Siegfried LineDecember 2nd, 1944
13 countries from South/Central America, The M.E. and Europe do this to Germany throughout the coarse of 19451945
The Soviets liberate this concentration camp located in PolandJanuary 27th, 1945
FDR, Churchill and Stalin meet again at this conference to decide further about the postwar worldFebruary 11th, 1945
This German city was turned to rubble after an Allied 3-day bombing raidFebruary 13th, 1945
After 4-days of bitter fighting marines raise a U.S. flag on this Japanese islandFebruary 23rd, 1945
This Jewish girl who hid w/ her family in an Amsterdam attic for a year and kept a diary of her life dies in the Belsen concentration campMarch 1945
Hitler gives the order to implement a policy reserved for retreating forces to destroy and burn everything in their path as they leaveMarch 19th, 1945
U.S. troops land on this Japanese island preparing for what would become the largest amphibious assault in the PacificApril 1st, 1945
After the passing of FDR, the 33rd president of the U.S. takes overApril 12th 1945
This former fascist dictator is executed and paraded through the streets of ItalyApril 28th, 1945
One of these types of Japanese pilots flies his plane into a U.S. shipApril 29th, 1945
This F├╝hrer surrounded by allied forces throughout Germany takes his own life ending the war in EuropeApril 30th, 1945
This country officially capitulates to Allied demandsMay 7th, 1945
Germany is divided into 4 of these run by the U.S., Britain, France and the USSR until the government can be rebuiltJune 5th, 1945
This conference began to show the idelogical division between the USSR and the Western Allies on a postwar worldJuly 26th, 1945
The U.S. drops this type of bomb each on Hiroshima and NagasakiAugust 6th and 9th, 1945
This country surrenders ending WWIIAugust 15th, 1945
The story of the secret project named this, is revealed to the public about the construction of the bomb that ended WWIIAugust 31st, 1945
The trial of Nazi war criminals beginsNovember 20th, 1945
Hirohito is forced to tell his people that he lied and he is not thisJanuary 1st, 1946
This organization was created to replace the League of NationsJanuary 10th, 1946
This economic plan helped get Europe back on its feet again after WWIIJune 5th, 1947

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