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Can you name the historical events during World War I?

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W/ the help of the Brit's, this was initiated by Sherif Hussein w/ the aim of securing indep. from Ottoman Turks and creating a single unified Arab stateJune 5th, 1916
This mechanical weapon introduced for the 1st time in war would eventually make trench warfare of WWI obsoleteSeptember 15th, 1916
P.M. of Britain during WWIDecember 7th, 1916
Peasant monk who maneuvered his way into Russian aristocracy had a premonition that the Russian empire will fall if they enter WWI, is murderedDecember 30th, 1916
Nicholas II, the last one to hold this title in Russia abdicates his thrownMarch 16th, 1917
This country enters WWI w/ the EntenteApril 6th, 1917
The Germans help this man return to Russia after 11-yrs of exile in the hopes he will create political turmoilApril 10th, 1917
American citizens purchased these through the government, which were then used to help finance the warOctober 25th, 1917
This communist revolution begins in Russia taking over the gov't.November 7th, 1917
This statesman known as 'The Tiger' is elected prime minister of FranceNovember 16th, 1917
Gen. Allenby arrives in this holy city in the M.E. after the Brit's occupy itDecember 9th, 1917
Int'l humanitarian movement created to protect human life, health and rights w/o any discrimination, is given the Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts in WWIDecember 10th, 1917
U.S. pres. creates a post-war peace plan called the 14-PointsJanuary 9th, 1918
This virus claims more lives than WWI and affected the entire worldMarch 1918
Germany's premier aviation-ace, Manfred von Richthofen, also known as this, was killed in the battle of SommeApril 21nd, 1918
Serbian responsible for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand dies in prisonApril 28th, 1918
German pilots were saved by these for the 1st time ever during war after their plane was shot downJune 27th, 1918
With a % of the pop. away at war, these people filled the open vacancies creating a social step forward in the U.S.August 1st, 1918
This British officer helps unite the Arab clans and leads a daring raid on the Ottoman Empire to take DamascusOctober 1st, 1918
This European country proclaims independence from AustriaOctober 28th, 1918
This country signs an armistance ending WWINovember 11th, 1918
This empire is dissolved creating 4 new countries and many new ethnic kingdomsNovember 30th, 1918
Man who emerged as the new leader of the Turks after the Ottoman Empire is dissolvedMay 19th, 1919
This treaty is signed and marks the end of WWIJune 28th, 1919
After losing WWI, Germany was forced to give these up, which were divided among the British, French, Belgian and JapaneseJune 28th, 1919
Modeled from one of the 14-Points, the International Court of Justice created after WWI opens in this Holland cityJune 16th, 1920
Modeled from one of the 14-Points, the 1st full international session of this is held in GenevaNovember 13th, 1920

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