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Can you name the historical events during WWI?

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Emergence of 'this' movement begins changing the world through the mobilization of common ethnic and political identities who demand the right to live independently from empires1900
With the Anglo-Russian treaty signed by Russia, Britain and France, they formed1907
An empirical skirmish between Germany and France over ports to this colonial country almost sparked WWI early1911
The foreign policies of the top European powers over this war in Europe, almost again led to an early WWIOctober 8th, 1912
The alliance comprised of the Austro-Hungarian, German, Bulgarian and Ottoman Empires form thisJune 28th, 1914
Archduke assassinated sparking WWIJune 28th, 1914
Austria-Hungary declares war on this country in retaliation for the assassination in the previous questionJuly 28th, 1914
This leader of Germany mobilizes his military to prepare for combatJuly 30th, 1914
Germany declares war on these 2 European countriesAugust 1st - 3rd, 1914
Germany invades this European country bringing the UK into the war in their defenseAugust 4th, 1914
This is the term for the area where the majority of WWI would be foughtSeptember 1914
This is the style of warfare which would predominate the battles in WWISeptember 1914
A type of rigid airship pioneered by the Germans used as bombers in the war October 4th, 1914
This Eurasian empire declares war on the allied nationsOctober 29th, 1914
UK annex this island in the Mediterranean November 5th, 1914
Aerial-warfare with the use of these, is 1st introduced during WWIDecember 25th, 1914
The British raised this on their merchant ships to deceive Germans because of its neutral meaning at this point in the warFebruary 10th, 1915
This British-French operation mounted to capture the capital city of Istanbul, and secure a sea route to RussiaFebruary19th, 1915
Germany gave the order to sink any craft found in the ocean war-zone by the means of this type of warfareFebruary 23rd, 1915
U.S. civilian ship sunk by the Germans and is viewed as the reason why the U.S. leaned toward the side of the alliesMay 7th, 1915
The British used this type of military sea-barrier against GermanyApril 11th, 1915
Ethnic peoples genocidaly persecuted by the Turks, revoltApril 20th, 1915
Debilitating type of weapon where a mask is needed is introduced by the Germans on the battlefieldApril 22nd, 1915
This country signs a secret agreement to enter the war on the sides of the allies inexchange for territorial gainsApril 25th, 1915
Correspondence between Britain and the Shariff of Mecca on what to do with the M. E. after WWIJuly 1915 - January 1916
This costly battle in France near the front-line exemplified the policy of a 'war of attrition' pursued by both sidesFebruary 26th, 1916
Secret pact signed between Britain-France-Russia dividing up the M.E. into colonial gains, contradicting previous and future agreementsMay 15th - 16th, 1916
This famous British military strategist and War Secretary during WWI's ship was sunk losing all aboardJune 5th, 1916

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