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Can you name the historical events during WWII?

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German troops move into this area in defiance of the WWI Treaty of VersaillesMarch 7th, 1936
Germany marches troops into this country unopposedMarch 12th, 1938
British PM that appeased Hitler's demands asking Czech. to allow him to annex German speaking areasSeptember, 18th 1938
Main powers of Europe met at this conf. to decide the fate of CzechoslovakiaSeptember 28th, 1938
This border region of Czechoslovakia is annexed by GermanyOctober 1st, 1938
Nazi inciters attacked Jews and their businesses on the day that is known asNovember 9th, 1938
Hitler arrives in this Czech city after the entire country falls to Nazi ruleMarch 15th, 1939
Italy invades this country in the BalkinsApril 8th, 1939
Hitler sends an order to this fortified line that seperates Germany form France, Netherlands and LuxembourgMay 20, 1939
Italian fascist signs the pact w/ HitlerMay 22,1939
Hitler wanted to annex this strategic free port city in Poland which almost started WWII a month earlyJuly 30th, 1939
Hitler and Stalin sign this pact that neither country will attack each other and that Poland will be dvided between Germany and the USSRAugust 23rd, 1939
Nazi troops invade this countrySeptember 1st, 1939
Lightning warfare used that concentrates overwhelming force and rapid speed to break through enemy linesSeptember 1st, 1939
Already the director of the SS, this man fuses the Security Police and the SD into the Reich Security Main Office September 27, 1939
Soviets invade this Scandinavian countryNovember 30th, 1939
He is appointed prime minister of the UKMay 10th, 1940
In a daring evacuation, British, French, Canadian and Belgium forces were evacuated to saftey from certain capture or executionMay 26th, 1940
These 2 neighboring European countries surrender to the Nazi'sMay 28th, 1940
This future French president is named undersecretary of national defenseJune 5th, 1940
The Nazis occupy the capital of FranceJune 14th, 1940
Once the capital in the previous question fell, this French government loyal to the Nazi's takes effectJune, 14th 1940
This man receives the premiership of France as a puppet leader for the Nazi govt.June 16th, 1940
Winston Churchill gives his famous speech to the people of Britain dubed,June 17th, 1940
Soviet troops invade this eastern European country expanding its empireJune 29th 1940
The country enters the war on the side of the axis wreaking havoc through out most of AsiaSeptember 27th, 1940
Luftwaffe pilots attack London in this German offensive that became known asSeptember 30th, 1940
Italy invades this Mediterranean countryOctober 28th, 1940
This U.S. President is elected to his 3rd-term in officeNovember 5, 1940
This eastern European country joins the side of the axisNovember 24th 1940
7 million of these enter the workforce, including two million in heavy industry because of the shortage of workers caused by WWII1941
This German general arrives in Tripoli and is in command of the Nazi army in North Africa February 14th, 1941
Germany invades the city of Belgrade which is located in this European countryApril 17th, 1941

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