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Can you name the Important World Historical Events That Changed The World According to Time Magazine?

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He emerges as savior of the Turks and became Turkey's 1st pres. October 29th, 1923
Hitler is sentenced to prison for his part in this event which was a failed attempt at revolution in GermanyNovember 8th, 1923
Bolshevik revolutionist and founder of the USSR diesJanuary 21st, 1924
This is implemented for the 1st time at Henry Ford's automobile plantSeptember 25th, 1926
The 1st person to fly solo across the AtlanticMay 21st, 1927
This man saved millions of lives by discovering penicillinSeptmeber 3rd, 1928
NYC's finacial district was the sight of thisOctober 29th, 1929
He marched for 25 days till he reached the ocean and abstracted salt w/o paying a British tax marking the begining of his non-violent civil disobedienceMarch 12th, 1930
FDR reveals this economic plan for recovery in the U.S.March 4th, 1933
This man embarresed Hitler's theory of white supremacy at the Olympics in GermanyAugust 9th, 1936
Nazi inciters attacked German Jews and their business on the day that became known asNovember 9th, 1938
Discovery of this in Saudi ArabiaMarch 3, 1938
The Nazi's invaded this country marking the begining of WWIISeptember 1st, 1939
He is elected prime minister of the UK and becomes a war heroMay 10th, 1940
The Japanese attack this U.S. naval baseDecember 7th, 1941
This is the name given to the allied invasion of Normandy, in FranceJune 6th, 1944
1st Japanese city to have an a-bomb dropped on it August 6th, 1945
Hall of fame baseball player was the 1st to break the color barrier April 15th, 1947
These 2 countries achieved indep. from British colonial ruleAugust 15th, 1947
Man acredited w/ breaking the sound barrierOctober 14th, 1947
This country achieves a indep. state of its ownMay 14th, 1948
This man created the marxist state of ChinaOctober 1st, 1949
This senator thought everyone was a communistFebruary 9th, 1950
Watson and Crick discovered this, a plausible model of DNAFebruary 28th, 1953
A womans defiant act of not giving her bus seat to a white person delivers a strong blow to racist lawsDecember 1st, 1955
USSR satellite was the 1st to be launched into spaceOctober 4th, 1957
Man accredited w/ the discovery of fossils of early man dated to be 1.75 million-yrs oldJuly 17th, 1959
This pill is designed to prevent pregnancyMay 9th, 1960
This woman wrote a book taking on chemical companies aserting the overuse of DDT and other pesticides being harmful to crops, people and the enviornmentSeptember 27th, 1962
This nuclear incident is avoided between the U.S. and the USSROctober 27th, 1962
MLK Jr. gives his most famous speechAugust 28th, 1963
This president is assassinated in Dallas leading to a conspiracyNovember 22nd, 1963
This woman wrote the 'Feminine Mystique' and was a leader in the women's movementJune 30th, 1966
The 1st sucessful medical transplant of this happensDecember 3, 1967
This civil rights leader is assassinated in Memphis April 4th, 1968
This presidential canidate is assassinated at the California primaryJune 5th, 1968
He is the 1st person to walk on the moonJuly 20th, 1969
Invented for the use in anything from calculators to postage metersNovember 15th, 1971
Nickname of the break-in at the Democratic National Committee was the reason for Nixon's resignation June 17th, 1972
Supreme Court's decsion made it a woman's choice on abortionJanuary 22nd, 1973
This South Vietnamese city falls marking the end of the Vietnam WarApril 30th, 1975
Business company created to provide affordable computersApril 1st, 1976
1st type of this is bornJuly 25th, 1978
This religious leader returns to Iran from exileFebruary 1st, 1979
This country is invaded by the USSR which caused backlashes that the U.S. is dealing with todayDecember 12th, 1979
Rally and march called for more funding and research to study and look for a cure of this diseaseJuly 27th, 1982
He is elected to Gen. Sec. of the Communist Party, he then goes on to become pres. and dissolves the USSRMarch 11th, 1985
The fall of this physical landmark begins to mark the end of the USSRNovember 9th, 1989
Assassination of Sheik Azzam orchestrated by this man, opened up idelogical senority in the radical muslim movementNovember 29th, 1989
This man is freed from prison and helps put an end to apartheid in South AfricaFebruary 11th, 1990
New way for people to share data by linking documents on the internetAugust 6th, 1991
This terrorist organization attacks the U.S. on its own soil for the 1st timeFebruary 26th, 1993
These buildings were destroyed in the worst terrorist attack ever on U.S. soilSeptember 11th, 2001

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