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Planet is discovered by Clyde TombaughFebruary 18th, 1930
Gandhi is arrested for defying British law from an act of civil disobedience by taking this from the ocean without paying a taxMay 31st, 1930
This defence line is being built on the border between France and GermanyOctober 16th, 1930
Japan takes over this territory in ChinaSeptember 18th, 1931
He is elected the 32nd pres. of the U.S.July 2nd, 1932
He becomes chancellor of GermanyJanuary 30th, 1933
This political building is burned down by Hitler inorder to impose political purges February 28th, 1933
The consumption and sale of this becomes legal again after a 14 year droughtDecember 5th, 1933
Hitler changes the term chancler to thisAugust 2nd, 1934
This country changed its name to IranDecember 27th, 1934
This bill was passed to introduce welfare for the old, sick and unemployedAugust 14th, 1935
Italy invades this African countryOctober 3rd, 1935
German troops move into this area in defiance of the Treaty of VersaillesMarch 7th, 1936
European country begins a 3-yr civil warJuly 17th, 1936
German airship engulfed in flamesMay 6th, 1937
German troops enter this country unopposedMarch 12th, 1938
This border region of Czechoslovaktia is annexed by GermanyOctober 1st, 1938
Orson Welles' vivid radio broadcast of this sent people into panic over its realism October 31st, 1938
He becomes the dictator of SpainApril 1st, 1939
German troops invade this country begining WWIISeptember 1st, 1939
This paper is published promising a indep. Arab and Jewish state in PalestineNovember 9th, 1939
He is appointed prime minister of the UKMay 10th, 1940
Nazi's take Paris then this gov't takes effectJune, 14th 1940
Famous author of 'Ulysses' diesJanuary 14th, 1941
The Nazi army invades this country breaking their pactJune 22nd, 1941
The new Shah of Iran takes powerSeptember 17th, 1941
Japanese attack this base in HawaiiDecember 7th, 1941
Japanese occupy this east-Asian countryJanuary 2nd, 1942
Daring U.S. airman bomb this Japanese cityApril 18th, 1942
Italian fascist dictator falls from powerJuly 25th, 1943
He is given command of the entire allied army in western EuropeDecember 24th, 1943
This was discovered by Oswald T. AveryJanuary 1st, 1944
The allies invade this French region and begin to push back the Nazi's June 6th, 1944
General famous for saying 'I shall return' re-takes the PhilippinesOctober 20th 1944
German city was turned to rubble after an allied 3-day bombingFebruary 13th, 1945
This country declares indep. in Indochina March 11th 1945
After the passing of FDR the 33rd president of the U.S. takes overApril 12th 1945
Fall of this city marks the end of Nazi'sApril 30th, 1945
The U.S. drops this type of bomb each on Hiroshima and NagasakiAugust 6th and 9th, 1945
Hirohito is forced to tell his people that he lied and is not thisJanuary 1st, 1946
Org. created to replace the League of NationsJanuary 10th, 1946
Economic plan that got Europe back on its feetJune 5th, 1947
These 2 countries received indep. from the BritishAugust 15th, 1947
Spiritual non-violent revolutionary is assassinatedJanuary 30th, 1948
Country established at the end of the British mandateMay 14th, 1948
War fought between Israel and many Arab nationsMay 14th, 1948
Way of getting supplies into Berlin after Soviet blockadeJune 24th, 1948
This organization was formed as a collective defence allianceMarch 18th, 1949
Peoples Republic of China established byOctober 1st, 1949

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