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This German philosopher diesAugust 25th, 1900
Colonial war fought in Africa between the British/Dutch over territorial gainsOctober 29th, 1900
1st ceremony where awards are given in the fields of physics, chemistry etc.December 10th, 1902
This Italian inventor was successfull in his attempt at sending wireless transmissionsDecember 11th, 1902
These brothers were the 1st to accomplish powered flightDecember 17th, 1903
Austro-Hungarian who formed political Zionism diesJuly 3rd, 1904
Russian version of congress is formedAugust 19th, 1905
Earthquake turns this U.S. city to rubbleApril 18th, 1906
Empire releases a publication saying they occupy 1/5 of the earths surface w/ 400-million people residing in itMarch 8th, 1906
This city was chosen as the capital of colonial British East Africa in what is now located in the country of KenyaMay 16th, 1907
1st type of this car built by Henry Ford August 12th, 1908
Fanatics of the Ottoman Empire perform a genocide on these ethnic peoplesApril 23rd, 1909
China abolishes thisMarch 10th, 1910
This visable comet makes its trip past earth every 75-76 yrsMay 20th, 1910
Famous painting stolen from the LouvreAugust 22nd, 1911
Iceberg sinks the 'unsinkable' shipApril 15th, 1912
France and Spain agree on the splitting up of this country for colonial gainsNovember 27th, 1912
Group of extreme nat'l perform a coup overthrowing the Ottoman gov'tJanuary 23rd, 1913
Worlds longest railway station opens in NYCFebruary 2nd, 1913
Ford implements this to speed up the production of carsOctober 7th, 1913
This canal opensOctober 10th, 1913
This Archduke is assassinatedJune 28th, 1914
Austria declares war on this countryJuly 28th, 1914
This ship was sunk by a German submarine and is viewed as the reason why the U.S. enters WWIMay 7th, 1915
This new type of weapon was introduced by the Germans on the battlefieldApril 22nd, 1915
This country signs a secret agreement to enter the war on the sides of the Entente inexchange for territorial gainsApril 25th, 1915
Britain-France sign this agreement to divide up the Middle East after WWIMarch 9th, 1916
Russian peasant that worked his way into the Imperial Palace is murderedDecember 30th, 1916
Nichols II, the last one of these ever in Russian history abdicates his thrownMarch 16th, 1917
Revolution led by Lenin takes power in RussiaNovember 7th, 1917
British declaration promises the Zionists land in PalestineNovember 9th, 1917
This U.S. pres. creates a post-war peace plan called the 14-PointsJanuary 9th, 1918
This British officer helps unite the Arab clans and leads a daring raid on the Ottoman Empire to take DamascusOctober 1st, 1918
This virus claims more lives than WWI and affected the entire worldMarch 1918
Signed treaty that marks the end of WWIJune 28th, 1919
The League of Nations Permanent Court of Justice opens in this cityJune 16th, 1920
1st full session of this is held in GenevaNovember 13th, 1920
This is isolated and extracted inorder to help diabetesSpring 1921
This non-violent revolutionist is jailed one of his many times for seditionMarch 18th, 1921
This country claimes indep. making it the 2nd communist country in the worldJuly 10th, 1921
A rebellion named after these Moroccan mountains was led by Muhammad ibn Abd el-Krim against Spanish colonialismJuly 21st, 1921
Fascist leader of Italy takes powerOctober 31st, 1922
This London broadcasting station goes on the air for the 1st timeNovember 14th, 1922
This man emerges as savior of the turks and becomes Turkey's 1st president October 29th, 1923
The founder of the Soviet Union diesJanuary 21st, 1924
Hitler is sentenced to prison for this event, which was a failed attempt at revolutionApril 1st, 1924
This man takes over as king and creates the country of Saudi ArabiaJanuary 8th, 1926
He becomes the emperor of JapanDecember 25th, 1926
He becomes the 1st person to fly solo across the Atlantic OceanMay 21st, 1927
He is exiled out of the USSR because he is considerd a political opponent of StalinJanuary 16th, 1928
Famous cartoon charecter makes his debutSeptember 19th, 1928
Political opponent to Mao Zedong, this man takes over as leader of ChinaOctober 6th, 1928
Bloody gang shooting between Al Capone and George 'Bugsy' Moran's menFebruary 14th, 1929
1st movie event awards takes placeMay 16th, 1929
Worst stock market crash takes place hereOctober 24th, 1929

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