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These 2 women attempted to vote in the election before it was legalNovember 2nd, 1880
25-year old Australian folk-hero who's gang wreaked havoc in the state of Victoria is hangedNovember 11th, 1880
The Czar of Russia is assassinatedMarch 13th, 1881
France officially adds this north African country to its coloniesMay 12th, 1881
This famous outlaw is killed in a shoot out in New MexicoJuly 4th, 1881
Sioux Cheif responsible for the death of Gen. Custer and his men gives himself upJuly 20th, 1881
This U.S. president is assassinated September 20th, 1881
This German composser completes his 2nd piano concerto 1882
The Reapportionment Act is passed expanding this from 293 to 325 seatsFebruary 25th, 1882
British re-take protectorate control of this North African country at the Battle of Tel el-KebirSeptember 13th, 1882
This bridge connecting NYC to one of its boroughs is completed1883
This social-political thinker and co-founder of communism diesMarch 14th, 1883
This famous author publishes 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'1884
100 of these types of women fighting for their right to vote petition Pres. ArthurMarch 6th, 1884
German engineer, Daimler invents a new type of transportation1885
This Sudanese rebel army led by, Mohammed Ahmad takes Khartoum from British colonial ruleJanuary 26th, 1885
This token of French appreaction arrives in the U.S.June 19th, 1885
This famous softdrink is invented and marketed at pharmacies where it was said to beable to cure the common cold1886
This famous French landmark being built in Paris is finished1889
Sherman Anti-trust Act banning companies from doing this is passedJuly 2nd, 1890
Dutch painter known for cutting off a part of his own ear diesJuly 28th, 1890
U.S. 7th Cav. performed a massacre on Sioux Indians in South Dakota that was known asDecember 1890
French inventors create this to make navigation easier in subs1891
Thousands of Jews are evicted from Moscow and forced into these1891
Union steel workers of Pittsburgh are involved in this1892
Famous American poet, essayist, journalist, and humanist diesMarch 26th, 1892
The only U.S. president to serve 2 non-consecutive terms is electedNovember 8th, 1892
American Bell Telephone Company makes its first one of these to its branch office in NYC March 27th, 1893
Man who built the Suez Canal is implicated in a gov't scandal surrounding the Panama CanalJune 1893
Czar of Russia, Alexander the III, dies and is succeeded by his sonNovember 1st, 1894
The scientific novel 'The Time Machine' written by this man1895
The German scientist, Wilhelm Roentgen discovers a method to see through solid objects called1895
This country begins a revolution to end Spanish colonialismFebruary 1895
Shah of this country is assassinated by fundamentalists for corruption and using govt money to finance his lifestyle 1896
Herzl publishes this book, in which he advocates the formation of a Jewish country1896
Colonial country receives the worst defeat ever from a colonial nation in EthiopiaMarch 1st, 1896
This is discovered on a creek off the Klondike River in Canada August 12th, 1896
The Ottoman Empire performed genocide on these ethnic peoplesAugust 29th, 1896
Treaty of Addis Ababa is signed w/ this country achieving indep.October 26th, 1896
This defeated country ends its war with the Ottoman Empire over the island of CreteMay 19th, 1897
Marketed as 'Brad's Drink', this was meant to be tasty while aiding in digestion and energy 1898
Britain obtains this new territory under a 99-year lease 1898
Scientific married couple 1st discovered polonium and now a new element in radium1898
U.S. declares war on this countryApril 25th, 1898
British colonial takes back Khartoum from Sudanese rebels September 2, 1898
Event is considered the climax of territorial disputes between Britain/France over SudanJanuary 19th, 1899
Jewish-French officer is pardoned after being convicted of espionage. The incident had implications of anti-semitismSeptember 19th, 1899

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