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U.S. slave states secede from the Union and formFebruary 8th, 1861
Freed slaves and abolitionists beseiged newspaper offices awaiting copies of this January 1st, 1863
This southern general surrenders to the north at the Appomattox Court HouseApril 9th, 1865
This U.S. president is assassinated at Ford's TheatreApril 15th, 1865
The assassin who killed the president in the above question is shot himselfApril 27th, 1865
The British practice of transporting criminals to this colonial territroy is abolishedOctober 1865
These 2 countries unite to form one empire under the Hapsburg'sMarch 15th, 1867
The 13th Amendment is adopted in the U.S. which abolishes thisDecember 6th, 1865
The U.S. purchase this territory from the Russians for 2-cents an acreApril 9th, 1867
This British theorist and scientist publishes 'The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication'1868
This Suffragist starts a weekly journal called 'The Revolution'January 1st, 1868
The 1st patent for the machine that writes for you without a pen is grantedJune 1868
This author's novel entitled 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea becomes available1869
A rebellion led by Titokowaru, an indigenous member of this New Zealand tribe is defeatedMarch 14th, 1869
This canal in Egypt opensNovember 17th, 1869
This man was the chairman, major shareholder and a founder of the Standard Oil CompanyJanuary 10th, 1870
France and Germany sign a peace treaty ending this warMay 10th, 1871
The head of Tammany Hall, NYC's Democratic organization is jailed for corruption and fraudNovember 19th, 1872
This vessel is found floating without a captain or crew with nothing stolen or out of place, a mystery still todayDecember 4th, 1872
This British politician of the Conservative Party wins an astounding victory to become PM for a 2nd timeFebruary 18th, 1874
Captain Matthew Webb is the 1st person to swim this, located between France and BritainAugust 25th, 1875
This man invents the telephone1876
D.C. newspaper begins to print1877
Machine that records the human voice and plays it back is invented1877
Following the refusal to introduce reforms Russia declares war on this empireApril 24th, 1877
The rebellion in Japan led by these ancient warriors is suppressedSeptember 24th, 1877
5 million people in this country died of famine in 2-yrs1878
An agreement is signed between the Ottoman Empire and this country granting freedom to certain ethnic areas in the BalkansMarch 3rd, 1878
Britain becomes the colonial power over this island nationJune 4th, 1878
Following the refusal from the emir of this Asian country to recieve a British mission, the British then inturn invadeNovember 1878

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