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Work begins on the building of this in EgyptApril 25th, 1859
This country declares war on AustriaMay 3rd, 1859
This man publishes his 'Origins of Species by Means of Natural Selection'November 1859
Queen Victoria is proclaimed ruler of India and abolishes this English joint-stock companyNovember 1st, 1858
Alexander II gives the order for these slaves, working on imperial lands to be freed in RussiaJuly 2nd, 1858
The adoption of a federal constitution and other political and religious reforms in this country leads to a civil war between conservatives and liberals1857
This war between Britain and China supposedly ended by the treaty of 1842 errupts into a 2nd war between the empiresJanuary 1857
This empire located in the east is forced out of Afghanistan with the help of the British/Indian ArmyMarch 1857
Thousands of troops in the colonial army of this country have mutinied, killing their officers and continue to march on towards the capital of this colonial territoryMay 11th, 1857
Muhammad II ibn al-Husayn, leader of Tunisia holds this title called. The title is also often used in Turkish and Persian historySeptember 10th, 1857
This kept Kansas from becoming a slave state1856
This scientist discovers that the vehicles of infection are tiny living organisims called bacteria1856
Britain, France, Russia, Ottoman, Piedmont, Austria and Prussia sign the Treaty of Paris ending this war March 30th, 1856
This movement in China once threatend to overthrow the Qing dynasty tears itself apart because of the rivalry between its leadersNovember 1856
This Danish philosopher dies, known for attacking system building in philosophyNovember 11th, 1855
This poet and witer publishes his 1st book of poems entitled, 'Leaves of Grass'1855
The abolitionist lobby found a major champion in this man, who used his writings to lecture against slavery1854
A team of nurses led by this women set up a hospital and begin helping the injuredNovember 7th, 1854
Book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe about a slave who saves a white child, only to find he is then sold to a sadistic master1852
A gold rush starts in this British colonial territory after the discovery of metalMay 1851
After miles of track are layed down around the world, this type of travel makes it faster to go from one place to another1850
This man accredited with the modernization of Egypt diesAugust 2nd, 1849
This American poet and horror story writer diesOctober 7th, 1849
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels release this book calling for working men to rise up in rebellion and destroy the capitalist system1848
This women is organizes the 1st ever all-women convention on women's rightsJuly 21st, 1848
This Pope is forced to flee the vatican after the activities of revolutionary clubs and spreading disorder in RomeNovember 27th, 1848
This state is founded in West Africa by the American slave-trade abolitionists, proclaiming independence1847
A group of Mormans led by this man, founds a settlement on the banks of the Great Salt LakeJuly 27th, 1847
This colonial resistance leader of Algeria surrenders to the FrenchOctober 23rd, 1847
The discovery of this new planet in our solar system1846
War breaks out in North America between these 2 countries over territoryMay 13th, 1846
Millions of Irish leave Ireland because of the failure to produce a certain crop that the people depend on to survive1845

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