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Campbell Scott2002
Kevin Kline2002
Bryce Dallas Howard2004
Jeff Daniels2005
Christina Ricci2005
Jason Ritter2007
Jim Gaffigan2007
Samantha Figura2007
Richard Gere2007
Kristen Stewart2009
Michael Douglas2009
Woody Harrelson2009
Justin Bartha2010
Bruce Davidson2010
Andrew Garfield2010
Anne Hathaway*2011*
Danny McBride2011
Tracy Morgan2012
Woody Allen2012
Jess Weixler2012
Ben Stiller2013
Mark Ruffalo2013
Dakota Fanning2013
Mia Wasikowska2013
Leslie Mann*2014*
Jason Segel2015
Gabriel Byrne2015
Kristen Stewart2015
Henry Cavill2016
Steve Carell2016
Woody Harrelson2016

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