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Can you name the Enemies of Spider-Man?

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True Identity or HintEnemy
Frederick Foswell (Enforcers)
Abner Jenkins & Leila Davis
Fred Myers
Thief who murdered Uncle Ben
Cletus Kasady
Malcolm McBride & Dr. Miles Warren
Dmitri Smerdyakov
Demon that possessed Jason Macendale
Dr. Otto Octavius
Spider-Man clone created by Magus
Maxwell Dillon
Daniel Brito (Enforcers)
Martin Blank (Legion of Losers)
Phil Urich
Norman & Harry Osborn, Bart Hamilton
Vladimir Kravinoff
Maxwell Markham (Legion of Losers)
Head of a Maggia crime family
Roderick Kingsley, Jason Macendale
Morris Bench
NYC Mayor & former Daily Bugle publisher
Jason Macendale & Steven Levins
Dr. Miles Warren
Brian Hibbs (Legion of Losers)
Wilson Fisk
Sergei, Alyosha & Ana Kravinoff
Robot & one of Spider-Man's 1st enemies
Dr. Curt Connors
True Identity or HintEnemy
John Jameson
Lily Hollister
Mark Raxton
Jackson Brice (Enforcers)
Became a vampire after a blood transfusion
Drains the life force of others
Martin Li
Quentin Beck, Daniel Berkhart, Francis Klum
Raymond Bloch (Enforcers)
Hobie Brown
Thomas Fireheart
Aleksei Sytsevich
Robert Farrell
Richard Fisk, Philip Hayes
William Baker
Mac Gargan
Herman Schultz
Silvio Manfredi
James Sanders
Father-Son that built robots to kill Spider-Man
Robots specifically built to kill Spider-Man
3rd Clone of Spider-Man
Jonathon Ohnn
Phineas Mason
Lonnie Lincoln
Eddie Brock, Angelo Fortunato, Mac Gargan
Edward Whelan
Adrian Toomes & Blackie Drago

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