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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Beginning With The Letter 'A' ?

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# of Issues'A'Hint or True Identity
2,236Original X-Men member with wings
1,579Aunt and motherly figure to Peter Parker
1,042Gods & demi-gods of Norse mythology
931Rick Jones after exposed to gamma radiation
696Agents & scientists of a terror organization
597Blind love interest of the Thing
558Race of water breathing beings
490The Greek God of war
411X-Men villain & possibly the first mutant
381Carl 'Crusher' Creel, partner of Titania
370Synthetic being created by scientists
355Scott Lang, carried on one of Hank Pym's aliases
331Founding Alpha Flight member & a twin
326Reformed villan formally known as Goliath
292Former neighbor of the Parker family
288Gamma radiation turned him into this monster
287Reptilian Young X-Men member
258Insect alien that conquered the Negative Zone
254X-Men that can create a psionic forcefield
# of Issues'A'Hint or True Identity
225Ability to create earthquakes w/ his hands
210Sorcerer Supreme that trained Dr. Strange
203Mystical nanny of Franklin & Valeria Richards
197Winged horse of Valkyrie
196Underwater tyrant that invaded Atlantis
190Leader of the Nazi Third Reich
176Eric O'Grady, another to use a Hank Pym alias
173Morlock & current Future Foundation member
166X-Men villain & assassin that runs 'Murderworld'
160Former ruler of Limbo & Nightcrawler's girlfriend
1587th smartest person on the planet
144Nazi biochemist who can transfer peoples minds
142Leader of S.W.O.R.D.
139Android created by the Mad Thinker
135Thomas Halloway, golden-age vigilante
127Leader of the Micronauts
123Elastic Serpent Society member
109Marauder that can direct seismic energy
103Created the Super-Soldier serum

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