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Can you name the Cyborgs of the Marvel Universe?

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Hint or True IdentityCyborgs
X-Men that has techno-organic cybernetic wings
En Sabah Nur, possibly the very first mutant
HYDRA leader with a cybernetic claw for a hand
Alien cyborg that was bestowed the powers of Thor
X-Men that absorbs energy & can redirect it
Serpent Society member w/ a cybernetic arms & tail
Nathan Summers, X-Men from the future
Purifiers member that merged w/ the Phalanx
Uses a alchemy gun & has a cybernetic leg
Deceased U.S. soldiers turned into cyborgs
Hellfire Club member known as the White Bishop
Nazi that had his mind transferd into a robotic body
Son of Iron Monger, w/ a cybernetic bio-upgraded body
Weapon Plus program trained X-Force member
Paul Ebersol, Thunderbolt w/ a cybernetic body
Former X-Men that can build anything he can think of
Former Six Pack member w/ cybernetic arms & legs
Eric Williams, has a techno-scythe attached to his arm
James Hudson orginal Alpha Flight member
Julian Keller, X-Men who has cybernetic hands
Controls his armor w/ his mind via the Extemis virus
Hellion that has a cybernetic bionic system
Hint or True IdentityCyborgs
Xi'an Coy Manh, New Mutant w/ a bionic leg
His body was converted into pure sound
She has adamantium claws and bones
X-Men enemy that mentally interfaces w/ computers
Fantastic Four enemy that predicts the future w/ math
Heroes for Hire leader w/ a bionic arm
A.I.M. leader with a cybernetic body
Frank Simpson, w/ cybernetic bones, skin & a 2nd heart
Russian that controls tentacles housed within his arms
Karima Shapandar, half-sentinel, half-human
Cyborg clone of Thor & a Dark Avengers member
Serpent Society member that has a cybernetic tail
Starjammers member that resembles a pirate
Douglas Scott who has cybernetic knives for hands
Former personal assistant to Tony Stark with bionics
Spaceknight member that fights the Dire Wraiths
Maggia crime boss w/ a cybernetic body
Mojo's loyal servant w/ six arms
Human-alien-cyborg Guardians of the Galaxy member
Alien cybernetic Runaways member
New Mutants member that is a techno-organic being
Bionic arm after being discoverd by Soviets frozen in ice

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