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Palestinian Occupied Territory
Palestinian Occupied Territory
Palestinian Occupied Territory
This empire colonized the area that is now Israel and the Palestinian Territories
European Empire that mandated Palestine
Important piece of paper that gave British support for a Jewish country in Palestine
1939 paper favoring the creation of Palestine governed by Palestinian Arabs and Jews, w/ immigration limits
Palestinian villiage where hundreds of sleeping civilian men, women and children were killed by the Jewish terrorist groups, Lehi and Irgun
War in 1948 that forced most Palestinians to flee their homes and have not been allowed to return
Country that annexed the eastern part of the Palestinian Territories into its country
Country that annexed the southern part of the Palestinian Territories into its country
During the 1948 war Palestinian citizens left or were driven from their homes. They now resided in these, which holds millions of people in Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria
International org. that brings education, health care, social services and emergency aid to all Palestinians in need
Palestinian political party that became the largest political group in the Occupied Territories
Name of the 1963 Palestinian constitution
Political and paramilitary organization that is recognized as the Palestinian government
War in 1967 that Israel used to take territory away from the Palestinians and Arab states
Terroist group founded by George Habash
The battle at this Jordanian village helped swell the ranks of the PLO after the Israeli Army were militarily forced to withdraw their forces
Israel continues to build these in the territories stealing land and dividing the population
1st elected leader of the Palestinian gov't
After the Palestinian political and terrorist groups were expelled from Jordan they moved their operations to this Lebanese city
City where 11 Israeli athletes were abducted and executed at the 1972 Olympics
Terrorist group responsible for the attacks at the 1972 Olympics
Term used to descibe when a Palestinian terrorist blows himself up in an attempt to kill Israeli civilian and military personal
Israeli Invasion of 1982 into this country in an attempt to force out the Palestinian political and terrorist groups
Camps where a massacre on civilians by Phalangist Lebanese forces led by Ariel Sharon (name both camps)
Palestinian political and terrorist entities forced from Lebanon are given residence in this country
A peaceful march in 1987 that evolved into a Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation
Islamic political and terrorist organization is created as a result of the Palestinian uprising
1st agreement signed between Israel and the Palestinian government in Norway
Gov't that makes legislative and exec. decsions
2nd uprising that began when a Israeli politician visited the al-Aqsa Mosque in 2000
Proposed idea or 'solution' to end the conflict by both parties having their own country
Controversial security measure by Israel that seperates cultures and is a territorial land grab
Current president of the Palestinian gov't
Palestinian intellectual and political philosopher that taught at Columbia University in NYC
Palestinian poet and author who has won numerous awards for his literary output
Israel's treatment of the Palestinians has been compared by the UN, human rights org's, and intelectual critics as a similiar policy to South Africa's treatment of non-whites

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