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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letters 'I' & 'J'?

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Issues'I - J'Hint
5,050Tony Stark, founding Avenger member
3,117Susan Storm, founding Fantastic Four member
2,311X-Men founding member, Marvel Girl/Phoenix
2,309Robert Drake, founding X-Men member
1,909Mayor of NYC & former Daily Bugle Editor
1,064Martial artist & founding Heroes for Hire member
1,052Butler for Tony Stark & the Avengers
842'Rhodey' Rhodes, Secret Avengers member
752X-Men that currently is a vampire
657Gem of Cyttorak made him 'unstoppable'
604Race of beings transformed by Terrigen Mist
420Vance Astrovik, founding New Warriors member
378Howling Commando during WWII
343Nurse and love interest of Thor
308Former New Avenger married to Luke Cage
Issues'I - J'Hint
283Avenger android that was created by Ultron
219Dr. Miles Warren, creator of Spider-Man clones
209SHIELD agent & liason for Stark Industries
191Jonathan Heart former Avengers member
175Leader of the Agents of Atlas
161Final future incarnation of Kang
151Eternals member
147Shapeshifter from planet Pop-Up
119Helen Takahama has the ability to control electricity
118NYPD officer & Spider-Man ally
117Journalist & Cable ally
106Near omniscient computer on Titan
105U-Foes member made of solid steel
103Billy Russo, Punisher enemy
101Criminal mastermind & Tony Stark enemy

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