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Southeastern portion of this continent which was under Ottoman control
Western portion of this continent which was under Ottoman control
Northern portion of this continent which was under Ottoman control
Ottoman capital city from 1453-1922, the city is now called Istanbul
First ruler of Ottoman Empire
Title given to ruler of Ottoman Empire
Type of government
Ethnicity of the Ottomans
System of government designed for non-Turks to govern themselves
Title given to provinces under Ottoman control
Name given to Administrative Divisions in the Ottoman controlled provinces
Top administrative city found in what is the capital of present day Iraq
Top administrative city found in what is the capital of present day Lebanon
Title given to the President of the Administative Divisions in the provinces
Title given to the Governer of the provinces
Trained Standing Army and the core of the Ottoman Military, these men were the officers and special forces of the military
System of governance issued in Islamic states
Title of person who controlled the Judicial Religious issues of the provinces, only answered to leader of the empire
Religious Judge that ruled in accordance w/ Islamic Law in the provinces
Islamic Scholar and Interpreter of Islamic Law who settled disputes out of court in the provinces
Legal Documents allowing European Empires to confer rights in favor of their Subject Residents on trading in the provinces
System of government instuited based on the percentages of the religious community
Ruler who instituted positive legislative reforms while expanding the empire (1520-1566)
French general that invaded and conquered Ottoman Egypt from 1792-1801
Nickname given to the empire, because they needed to be economically propt up by Europe
Ottoman's, French & British fought a war against Russia, in the Balkans, from 1853-56
Railway line through the Middle East, during initial construction it was intended to reach Berlin, which that was built by the Ottomans
Officer that broke away from the military and empire and became leader of Egypt and Sudan. He is credited with modernizing Egypt
Reforms of 1839-1876 intended on modernizing
Secret Soceity of intelectuals promoting democracy who were exiled in 1867
Different ethnic peoples from all over the empire began revolting based on the birth of this
1st country to declare indep. from the Ottomans
Secret Society of progressive groups favoring the creation of a new constitution
Side that the Ottoman Empire joined during WWI
WWI battle--British and French unsuccessfully attempted to take the Ottoman capital
WWI battle--from 1914-1918 mainly between the Ottomans and Russia
During WWI the Ottomans performed genocide on which group of ethnic peoples
This revolt in 1916 turned the tide against the Ottomans in the Middle Eastern front
Turkish revolutionaries forced the Allies to abandon this treaty that would have carved Turkey up into several territories between the Entente and its allies
Treaty signed that ended war in the region and defined the borders that are now Turkey
1st President and secular modernizer of Turkey

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