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Can You Name The Marvel Universe Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letter G?

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1,212Remey LeBeau, X-Men member
837Galan, devourer of planets
695Former girlfriend of Peter Parker
526Johnny Blaze, former motorcycle stuntman
467Inhuman Royal Family member
422Howling Commando & SHIELD officer
341Daniel Ketch, bound to the Spirit of Vengeance
327Kallark Shi'ar Imperial Guard leader
301Secretary at the Daily Bugle
291James Hudson, Alpha Flight leader
287Assassin and adopted daughter of Thanos
239Colonel in the military that hunted the Hulk
210Former Captain in the NYPD
206Cursed demon that was & Defenders member
196Phil Urich, nephew of Ben Urich
179Can turn people to stone for 1 hour
165Brother of Wonder Man & Avengers enemy
159Former Director of SHIELD & mercenary
149Stealth suit gives him invisibilty & intangibility
132Eliot Franklin, former Circus of Crime member
129Magician god of Asgard & Odin advisor
128Sentient tree & Guardians of the Galaxy member
128Michael O'Brien, Iron Man ally
125Aboriginal & X-Men ally that can teleport
124John Horton, Secret Empire gave him wings
124William Burnside, Capt. America enemy
123Merc cursed & stuck in a gorilla's body
115Melvin Potter, Daredevil enemy
112Son of Sabretooth & Mystique
110Ancient being obssessed with games
108Evan Sabahnur, clone of Apocalypse
107X-Men student w/ a body composed of living wax
106Nezhno Abidemi, X-Men member from Wakanda
100Elder God & mother to all pantheon gods

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