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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Letters Begin With The Letter 'P'?

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# of Issues'P'Hint
2,333Founder of the X-Men
1,233NYC vigilante, Frank Castle
1,074Telepathic ninja of the X-Men
758Daughter of Magneto w/ magnetism powers
452Assistant to Tony Stark
411Entity that posessed Jean & Rachel Grey
363X-Men member with butterfly wings
351Howling Commando member during WWII
338Bouncing, dwarfish dynamo of Alpha Flight
309Member of Stepford Cuckoos
290Purple wearing mercenary
258Villain with the ability to manipulate fire
246Member of the Wrecking Crew
# of Issues'P'Hint
216Fantastic Four villain & Alicia Masters stepfather
205Troll traveling-companion of Adam Warlock
197Former leader of the Young Avengers
194Genis-Vell, cloned from the DNA of Mar-Vell
189Excalibur member & agent of the British govt.
168Genius that picks knowledge & skills from others
161Snake charmer & Serpent Society member
153Former love interest of Captain America
144Zarda, Squadron Supreme member
136Kevin MacTaggert can restructure reality
129Hobbie Brown, inventor & Spider-Man ally
105Native-American werecat
102Microverse Fantastic Four enemy

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