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QUIZ: Can you name the Marvel Characters Who Died And Are Currently Resurrected?

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True Identity or HintResurrected Characters
Negative Zone conquerer
Scott Lang
Eric Josten
Sean Cassidy
alias--Red She-Hulk
Clarice Ferguson
Steve Rogers
Brian Braddock
Taneleer Tivan
Piotr Rasputin
Luchino Nefaria
Douglas Ramsey
Otto Octavius
Vlad Tempes
Arthur Douglas
'.......' Natchios
Amora the sorceress
Asgardian warrior
alias--Green Goblin
Adolf Hitler clone
Guards the Rainbow Bridge
Asgardian Goddess of Death
Asgadian warrior
Daniel Ketch
True Identity or HintResurrected Characters
Tomi Shishido
En Dwi Gast
Greg Willis
Franklin Hall
Eric Williams
James Hudson
Clint Barton
Patsy Walker
Johnny Storm
Tony Stark
Jonathan Hart
Clone of Magneto
N. Richards (Earth-6311)
Michael Korvac (Earth-691)
Sergei Kravinoff
Asgardian warrior
Asgardian God of Mischief
Elizabeth Braddock
Eugene Judd
Frank Castle
alias--'Red Queen'
Illyana Rasputina
'.......' Smallwood
Bobbi Morse
George Tarleton
True Identity or HintResurrected Characters
Marc Spector
Heather Douglas
Quentin Beck
Raven Darkholme
Jean-Paul Beaubier
Frank Simpson
Monarch of Asgard
Wendell Vaughn
Johann Shmidt
Victor Creed
alias--'Black Queen'
Robert Reynolds
Michael Twoyoungmen
Eternal from the moon Titan
alias--Donald Blake
Thomas Raymond
Ophelia Sarkissian
Heather McNeil
Asgardian warrior
Rita DeMara
Monarch of Olympus

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