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Can you name the Marvel Universes Reformed Villians?

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True Identity or HintMarvel Charecter
Scott Lang
Eric O'Grady
Acolytes member
Warren Worthington
Olympian God of War
Erik Josten
Sean Cassidy
Felicia Hardy
Natasha Romanova
Senses other mutants
X-Men training room
Rachel Leighton
James Bradley
Given life by Diablo
alias--White Queen
Sam Wilson
Maria Callasantos
Joanna Cargill
Remy LeBeau
Clint Barton
alias--Green Goblin
alias--Marvel Girl
Cain Marko
alias--Power Man
Alicia Masters Skrull
Abner Jenkins
Max Eisenhardt
The Celestial Madonna
True Identity or HintMarvel Charecter
alias--Sarah Rushman
Inhumans member
Calvin Rankin
Theresa Cassidy
Kyle Richmond
King of Atlantis
Hobie Brown
Thomas Fireheart
Pietro Maximoff
Robert Farrell
Anna Marie
Kree supreme accuser
William Baker
'......' Hellstrom
Wanda Maximoff
alias--Black King
Keniuchio Harada
Melissa Gold
Jessica Drew
Jacques DuQuesne
Shiro Yoshida
Mortimer Toynbee
'Flash' Thompson
New Avengers liason
Kyle Gibney
James 'Bucky' Barnes
Simon Williams
Rita DeMara

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