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Can you name the Marvel Characters By The Powers They Possess?

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Force Field
Hisako Ichiki 
Susan Storm 
Cain Marko 
Max Eisenhardt 
Eddie Brock 
Kurt Wagner 
Peter Parker 
Mortimer Toynbee 
'Flash' Thompson 
Toxic Immunity
Emil Blonsky 
Wade Wilson 
Victor Creed 
James Howlett 
Laura Kinney 
Battlesuit Users
Victor von '....' 
Tony Stark 
Abner Jenkins  
Gremlin/Boris Bullski  
James Rhodes 
Underwater Breathing
'.......' Smallwood 
King of Atlantis 
Aquaria Neptuna  
Todd Arliss  
Inhuman Royal Family 
Power Mimicry
Vanessa Carlysle  
Calvin Rankin  
alias--'Psychic Entity' 
Anna Marie 
Everett Thomas 
Night Vision
Dr. Henry McCoy  
Eric Brooks 
Talia Wagner (Earth-2182) 
Edward Whelan  
Johnny Storm 
Angelica Jones  
Johnny Blaze  
Amara Aquilla  
St. John Allerdyce  
Acoustikinesis (Manipulate Sound)
Sean Cassidy  
Blackagar Boltagon  
Alison Blaire  
Theresa Cassidy  
Melissa Gold  
Atmokinesis (Control the weather)
John Falsworth  
alias--'Simon Walters' 
Vlad Tempes 
Ororo Munroe 
Asgardian God of Thunder 
Energy Form (Transform into pure energy)
Body made of pure sound 
Arthur Parks 
Miguel Santos 
Monica Rambeau  
Nathaniel Grey (Earth-295) 
Self Sustenance (No Need to Eat, Drink, Sleep, or Breathe)
Piotr Rasputin  
Android created by Ultron 
Cessily Kincaid  
Norrin Radd 
Kuan-Yin '....' 

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