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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letters 'N & O''?

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# of Issues'N - O'Hint
2,255Former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
2,251King of Atlantis & X-Men member
1,979Kurt Wagner, former X-Men member
1,175The Green Goblin & Iron Patriot
819Ruler of Asgard and father to Thor
602Richard Rider, leader of the Nova Corps
522Canadien X-Men & Alpha Flight Member
470Kyle Richmond, former Defenders leader
391Soldiers of the Third Reich
389Atlantean & founding New Warriors member
277Jack Monroe, former partner of Captain America
248Hobgoblin & reporter that married to Betty Brant
244Spirit that transforms people into Ghost Rider
243Dwayne Taylor, founder of the New Warriors
212Ruler of the Dream Dimension
183Son of Harry Osborn & Liz Allan
# of Issues'N - O'Hint
180Cousin to the King of Atlantis
169Crimelord & Daredevil enemy
168Frankie Raye, Herald of Galactus
143Vietnam vet w/ a flag tattooed on his face
141Exiles member & former Excalibur member
138Magician leader of the Runaways
138Guardians of the Galaxy member of Earth-691
137Jean Grey student that controls fire & ice
135Russian X-Men villain w/ adamantium tentacles
125Telepath Imperial Guard member
116Father of Mister Fantastic
112Former love interest of Aunt May
109Time-traveling sentinel from Earth-811
106Born of the consciousness of Prof. X & Magneto
101Journalist at the Daily Bugle

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