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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letters 'K - J'?

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# of IssuesK - LTrue Identity or Hint
1,478New Avengers leader, aka Power Man
1,033Asgardian 'God of Mischief'
906Leader of the east coast crime syndicate
599Friend of Peter Parker who married Harry Osborn
499Militant race with a vase empire
466Spider-Man enemy that turns into a giant reptile
454Martial-arts member of the Inhumans
431Lord of the Savage Land
426Kitty Pryde's dragon friend
419Inhuman Royal Family member that is a dog
398Time traveling enemy of the Avengers
386A western crime-fighter
369New Mutant w/ the ability to possess people
354Shi'ar that shared a psychic link w/ Prof. X
351Russian mercenary and Spider-Man enemy
333X-Factor Investigations member from Mojoverse
310Secretary and former girlfriend of Daredevil
302Hulk enemy exposed to gamma radiation
285Black Panther enemy whoose body is pure sound
277Power Pack member that fly's at super speed
# of IssuesK - LTrue Identity or Hint
234Former Morlock that can negate mutant abilities
219Wolverine enemy with adamantium claws
198Quentin Quire, omega-level X-Men student
191Skrull posing as Alicia Masters
173Being of electric energy & former Avenger
171Sorceress queen of Nornheim
170Being of pure energy & Iron Man enemy
167Daughter of Quicksilver & Crystal
156Precog member of X-Factor Investigations
145Omega-Level mutant & son of Professor X
136Can disolve the molecular structure of things
134World's leading geneticist & X-Club member
128Warlord of Atlantis & Namor enemy
125Runaway member that can absorb solar radiation
125Kronan warrior & member of Hulk's warbound
121X-Men ally that can teleport between planets
109Adopted son of Doctor Doom
103Superpowered robots built for destruction
100MI-6 agent & Shang-Chi love interest

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