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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letter 'H'?

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Issues'H'True Identity or Hint
3,464Bruce Banner, founding Avengers member
3,386Johnny Storm, FF founding member
2,424Clint Barton, Avenger that uses a Bow & Arrows
2,242aliases--Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Wasp, Yellowjacket
1,184Olympian God of Strength
982Alex Summers, current X-Factor member
773Patricia Walker, Defenders & Avengers member
699Agents of a global terrorist organization
660Son of Norman Osborn and a Green Goblin
597Asgardian warrior known as 'The Grim'
523Jim Hammond, Golden-Age character
426Ninjas that worship demons & black magic
420Asgardian God of Vigilance
343Paige Guthrie, X-Men & sister of Cannonball
328Corrupt politician & former Avengers liason
327Daimon Hellstrom former Defenders member
289Asgardian Goddess of Death
282Known for his evolutionary experiments
276Julian Keller, powerful telekinetic & a X-Men
Issues'H'True Identity or Hint
275Chauffeur for Tony Stark
272Adopted daughter of Cable
267Agents of a agency that replaced SHIELD
258Patricia Walker's best friend
245Roderick Kingsley, the 1st to use this alias
218From planet Duckworld
211Maggia crime family leader
209Powers from his cloak & boots
206Kate Bishop, Young Avengers member
197Starjammer, X-Men & X-Force member
178Young Avenger that is a Skrull
168Spider-Man enemy with hydrokinesis
134Howling Commandos member
125Jason Macendale, former Demogoblin host
123Fantastic Four robotic assistant
122Clone of Adolf Hitler
112Avengers Academy student w/ red skin & claws
105Olympic god of the dead

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