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Can you name the Marvel Universe Characters With Telepathy?

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True Identity or HintMarvel Character
En Sabah Nur
Nathaniel Summers
Twin sister of Charles Xavier
Stepford Cuckoo
Dr. Anthony '.....'
alias--White Queen
Former ruler of Shi'ar Empire
Amora, Asgardian sorceress
Stepford Cuckoo
Bennet du Paris
Son of Reed & Sue Richards
En Dwi Gast
Adopted daughter of Nathaniel Summers
Quentin Quire
Regan Wyngarde
David Haller
Asgardian God of Mischief
Monet St. Croix
Cassandra Webb & Julia Carpenter
alias--Mandy Celestine
Jason & Martinique Wyngarde
True Identity or HintMarvel Character
Jean & Rachel Grey
Marvin Flumm
Calvin Rankin
Stepford Cuckoo
Heather Douglas
Nathaniel Essex
Talia Wagner (Earth-2182)
Sybil (Imperial Guard)
Stepford Cuckoo
Charles Xavier
Kevin MacTaggert
Elizabeth Braddock
Madelyne Pryor
alias--Lady Tessa
Robert Reynolds
Amahl Farouk
Stepford Cuckoo
Clone of Nathan Summers (Earth-4935)
Collection of the greatest Kree minds
Nathaniel Grey (Earth-295)

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