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Can you name the Marvel Characters With Super Strength?

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True Identity or HintMarvel Character
Rick Jones
Emile Blonsky
En Sabah Nur
Olympian God of War
Erik Josten
alias--Simon Walters
Brian Braddock
Carol Danvers
Piotr Rasputin
Leonard Samson
Android given life by Diablo
Galan, Devourer of Planets
Nezhno Abidemi
Olympus God of Strength
Bruce Banner
Dorrek VIII, alias--Theodore Altman
Mark Milton (Earth-712)
Hulkbuster, Thorbuster, & MKIII Armor
Cain Marko
Son of Kallark
Body is compossed of solid rock
Youngest Runaways member
True Identity or HintMarvel Character
Calvin Zabo
King of Atlantis
Richard Rider
Elvin Haliday
General 'Thunderbolt' Ross
Betty Ross
Aleksei Sytsevich
Walter Langkowski
Robert Reynolds
Jennifer Walters
Sharon Ventura
Norrin Radd
Son of Bruce Banner
Guido Carosella
Eternal from the moon Titan
Benjamin Grimm
Asgardian God of Thunder
Todd Arliss
Mary MacPherran
James 'Rhodey' Rhodes (only w/ armor)
Simon Williams
Android created by Hank Pym

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