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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letter 'B'?

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Hint or True Identity'B'# of Issues
Dr. Henry McCoy3,066
Natalia Romanova1,691
Daily Bugle secretary/reporter764
Inhumans Royal Family leader692
Dane Whitman675
Lucas '......' (Earth-1191)672
Sean Cassidy663
Asgardian God of Light613
Daily Bugle reporter575
alias--Lester Poindexter559
Felicia Hardy555
Frederick Dukes540
Tabitha Smith478
Helmut '....'288
Eric Brooks269
Fred Myers250
Wolfgang '...' '........'244
Heinrich '....'239
Georges '......' ('The Leaper')234
alias--Simon Walters230
William Foster225
Henry Camp224
Jericho Drumm197
Alien parasitic race196
Hint or True Identity'B'# of Issues
Karl '.....' (a sorcerer)184
Master thief of Kaliklak173
Initiated the Secret Wars159
Ruler of the Negative Zone157
Ruth Aldine151
Man merged w/ Nimrod147
Lemar Hoskins146
Barnell Bohusk138
Killed Uncle Ben133
Roxanne Washington131
Samuel Smithers131
Tony Stark's secretary130
Love interest of Namor127
Race of reptilian aliens127
Thomas Cassidy126
Designed the Sentinels118
Love interest of Capt. America116
Tanya Sealy (Serpent Society)114
Clarice Ferguson (Earth-295)113
Percival & Barton Grimes111
Tony Stark's bodyguard110
Mercenary & former MI-6106
Louise Mason (Golden-Age)103
Carl Burbank (Mercenary)102

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