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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letter 'M' ?

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Reed Richards3,637
Spider-Man love interest1,997
Max Eisenhardt1,640
Raven Darkholme 710
Illyana Rasputina705
Medusalith Amaquelin662
Rachel Summers658
Marc Spector627
Danielle Moonstar613
Bobbi Morse580
Geneticist at Muir Island529
Karla Sofen511
Heather Douglas484
Former SHIELD director475
James Madrox456
Formally the Beetle435
Theresa Cassidy422
Has a bionic arm (HFH)393
Amara Aquilla390
Fantastic Four's 1st enemy389
Theodore Sallis382
Nathaniel Essex366
Julia Carpenter350
Monet St. Croix343
John Jameson, III343
Quentin Beck343
Millicent Collins325
Commander of A.I.M.325
Wears ten rings of power325
Living vampire320
a Stepford Cuckoo318
Jason Wyngarde314
Wife of Captain Britain296
Calvin Zabo291
Clone of Jean Grey277
Calculates all variables273
Giuletta Nefaria (Maggia)272
Avenger to cosmic traveler258
alias--Box (X-Club member)253
Cessily Kincaid (X-Men)224
Noh-Varr (Young Avengers)219
Member of Power Pack217
Vance Astrovik (Earth-691)206
Insane brother of Black Bolt205
Mutants living in NYC sewers191
Punisher's weapons supplier186
alias--'Sarah Rushman'184
'Buzz' Baxter177
Girlfriend of Marc Spector154
Member of the Runaways151
2nd wife of J.J. Jameson151
Speedster of the Eternals150
Crystalline appearance 145
Wife of A-Bomb143
Iron Man's deadliest foe138
alias--'The Spineless One'133
Micronaut, Princess Mari129
Madeline Joyce (Invaders)126
Ability to hypnotise people122
Controls molecules121
Pyrokinesis X-Men student120
A'Lars, father of Thanos120
'Enforcer' that uses a lasso119
Alien Alpha Flight member117
'......' of Camelot, a sorcerer115
Christoph Nord (Weapon X)114
His skin turns into lava114
Marvin Flumm113
Kevin Sydney (Exiles)108
Adam Warlock doppelganger108
Sorceress Avengers enemy105
Slaves from Dread Dimension105

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