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QUIZ: Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letters 'E & F'?

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# of IssuesE - FHint/True Identity
1,597X-Men leader known as the White Queen
1,046He is currently Venom
964Son of Reed & Sue Richards
983Sam Wilson, former Capt. America partner
681Lawyer & Daredevil's friend
598Asgardian known as 'The Dashing'
518'.......' Natchios, a assassin
497Asgardian, that is a sorceress
495X-men w/ the ability to build any technology
480Spider-Man enemy that controls electricity
473Angelica Jones, New Warrior founding member
469Formally Venom, Anti-Venom & currently Toxin
241Evolutionary offshoot of humans
237Thunderbolt member & tech genius
233Katie Power, Power Pack member
214Asgardian warrior that uses a battle-axe
198Former Herald of Galactus
193Cosmic entity that is the personification of time
189Joanna Cargill, Acolytes & X-Men member
# of IssuesE - FHint/True Identity
170Pilot for Moon Knight
169Charlie Cluster 7, current X-Force member
169X-Men & X-Force member that is a healer
155Rusty Collins, New Mutant & Acolyte member
153Maria Callasantos, Morlock & X-Force member
142Bonita Jaurez, former Avenger West Coast member
139Alien dragon & Iron Man enemy
132Former Nazi & Howling Commando
132Bennet du Paris, Acolytes & Brotherhood leader
131Giants that are constant war with Asgardians
126Supernatural detective & vampire hunter
125Daily Bugle reporter & mobster
124Judo master Enforcers member
122Technical wiz & Avengers ally
119Deaf martial arts master & Daredevil ally
109Assembled by different body parts
104Mutant that controls peoples emotions
104'The Living Planet'
102Mother of Thor

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