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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letter 'D'?

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# of Issues'D'Hint or True Identity
2,146Avenger and former Sorcerer Supreme
2,071Blind hero known as 'the man without fear'
1,797Scientist & the Fantastic Four's arch-enemy
1,023Spider-Man villain w/ six mechanical tentacles
947Former SHIELD agent that was 2nd in command
844Mercenary known as the 'merc with a mouth'
713X-Men member that converts sound into light
503X-Men that is a skilled marks-woman
473Scientist & gamma-irradiated friend of the Hulk
363Vigilante and partner of Cloak
353Howling Commando during WWII
348Arthur Douglas was trained to fight Thanos
322Akihiro, son of Wolverine
316Vlad Tepes, lord of the vampires
278Ruler of the Dark Dimension
256Synthetic android resembling a dragon
249One of the 1st beings of existence
238Reformed Serpent Society member
236X-Men that can turn herself into sand
235Former Avenger skilled in the mystic arts
# of Issues'D'Hint or True Identity
234Amulet changed him into a vigilante
227Member of the X-Club Scientists
203Replicated robots of Victor Von '....'
201Atlantean & 1st wife of Namor the Sub-Mariner
197Cyborg & White Bishop of the Hellfire Club
190Evil Hank McCoy from Earth-295, AoA
171Freedom Force member w/ precognitive abilities
163X-Men training room that became sentient
162Former pro-wrestler & Capt. America ally
156Russian w/ the ability to control darkforce
1539th century alchemist & Fantastic Four enemy
148Power crystal using Squadron Supreme member
146Ruled the Shi'ar Empire twice
141X-Men alien videographer
141Daughter of Power Man Jessica Jones
127Enchanted Asgardian armor
125Black magic offshoot of the Skrulls
118Offshoot of humans, created by Celestials
104Lilian Crawley, former Alpha Flight member

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