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Can you name the X-Men Members That Have Been On Other Teams?

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Hellfire Club
Warren Worthington III 
Jean Grey 
Maximilian von Katzenelnbogen 
alias--White Queen 
Max Eisenhardt 
alias--White King 
Rachel Grey 
Elizabeth Braddock 
alias--Lady Tessa 
alias--Black King 
Ororo Munroe 
Roberto da Costa 
Brotherhood of Mutants
Henry McCoy 
Henry McCoy (Earth-295) 
X-Men student w/ progeria 
Joanna Cargill 
Alex Summers 
Max Eisenhardt clone 
Cain Marko 
Max Eisenhardt 
Calvin Rankin 
Brotherhood of Mutants
Raven Darkholme 
Martha Johansson 
Karima Shapandar 
Charles Xavier 
Anna Marie 
Victor Creed 
Mortimer Toynbee 
Nate Grey (Earth-295) 
Kuan-Yin '....' 
X-Force (Strike Team)
Warren Worthington III 
Lucas '.....' (Earth-1191) 
Nathan Summers 
Scott Summers 
Douglas Ramsey 
cyborg from Earth-11511 
Neena Thurmon 
Sentient techno-organic being 
Joshua Foley 
X-Force (Strike Team)
Charlie Cluster-7 
Former Starjammer 
Elizabeth Braddock 
Ororo Munroe 
James Proudstar 
James Howlett 
Laura Kinney 
Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Warren Worthington III 
Sean Cassidy 
Remy LeBeau 
Lorna Dane 
Shiro Yoshida 
James Howlett 
New Warriors
Tandy Bowen 
Jonothon Starsmore 
Anjelica Jones 
Miranda Leevald 
Jubilation Lee 
X-Factor Investigations
Armando Muñoz 
Alex Summers 
alias--Lucky One 
Lorna Dane 

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