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Can you name the Marvel Universe's X-Men Villains?

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True Identity or HintX-Men Villains
En Sabah Nur, possibly the first mutant
The man behind 'Murderworld'
Philippa Sontag (Marauders)
Dominikos Petrakis (Freedom Force)
Sentinel that had a alliance w/ anti-mutant leaders
Former ruler of the Limbo Dimension
Thomas Cassidy (Brotherhood)
Fred Dukes (Freedom Force/Brotherhood)
Creator of the Sentinels
Merged w/ the Phalanx & Purifiers member
Professor X's twin sister
His skin is laced in adamantium
Evil Hank McCoy from Earth-295, AoA *
Evil side of the Phoenix Force in Jean Grey *
Irene Adler (Freedom Force)
alias--'White Bishop' (Hellfire Club)
alias--'White Queen' (Hellfire Club) *
Manuel de la Rocha (Hellions & Hellfire Cult)
Bennet du Paris (Acolytes/Brotherhood)
Joanna Cargill (Acolytes) *
Friends of Humanity leader & Purifiers member
Kodiak Noatak (Marauders)
alias--'Black Bishop' (Hellfire Club)
Cain Marko (Brotherhood) *
X-Men infiltrator, Regan Wyngarde *
Yuriko Oyama (Reavers/Sisterhood of Mutants)
Max Eisenhardt (Brotherhood) *
Marauder that uses a choaker to possess people
Sentinel that developed self awareness
Jason Wyngarde (Brotherhood/Hellfire Club)
True Identity or HintX-Men Villains
Purifier and Human Council member
alias--Vincent (Weapon X hypnotic member)
Calvin Rankin (Brotherhood/Dark X-Men)
Nathaniel Essex (Marauders)
alias--Spineless One (Mojoverse)
Raven Darkholme (Freedom Force/Marauders) *
Sentinel from the future (Earth-811)
Arkady Rossovich (KGB operative)
Born from the consciousness of Prof. X & Magneto
Geneticly engineered beasts trained to kill mutants
Kevin MacTaggert (from Muir Island)
St. John Allerdyce (Freedom Force/Brotherhood)
Madelyne Pryor (Sisterhood of Mutants)
Janos Questad (Marauders)
Victor Creed (Marauders/Brotherhood) *
Karl Lykos (Savage Land Mutate/Brotherhood)
John Greycrow (Marauders)
alias--'Black King' (Hellfire Club) *
alias--Black Queen' (Hellfire Club)
Robots desgined to kill or capture mutants
alias--Amahl Farouk (psionic entity)
Rita Wayword (Freedom Force/Sisterhood)
Purifier and Human Council member
Shiro Yoshida (Horsemen/Marauders)
Mortimer Toynbee (Brotherhood) *
Gunther Bain (Factor Three/Brotherhood)
Telford Porter (Factor Three)
Marauder that causes disorientation & nausea
Gabriel Summers (former Shi'ar Emperor) *
Religious fanatic bent on mutant genocide

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