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Wolverine's true identity
Country that he was born in, in 1882
He has several mutant abilities but his main one is
His other main mutant ability would be his
Style of fighting he uses when he loses his temper
Groundskeeper at his family's estate that could have been his real father based on thier appearances being similar
Childhood friend who he gained strong feelings for that moved with him to a mining town
While roaming the wilderness he met a Native American that became his love interest where they shared a cabin
The above love interest was thought to be murdered by Wolverine's future arch-enemy, who would follow & attack him for years on the anniversary of the murder
He met this future shapeshifting enemy in 1921 where they botched a bank robbery together in Kansas City
1st historical war that Wolverine fought in for Canada
Future enemy of Wolverine w/ metel laced skin that was his unit commander during the above war
2nd historical war that Wolverine fought in for Canada
U.S. soldier Wolverine fought along side w/ in the war
He trained as a masterless samurai in Japan by this man
Name of a woman he fell in love w/ while living in Japan
The son he concieved while w/ her that had the same powers as him, & who would latter become his enemy
Enemy that took Wolverine's son at birth & trained him to become a killer in order to pit him against his father
U.S. government black ops. squad he joined that erased his memory & the memories of his teammates
Name he used after his memory was erased
Teammate he had a relationship w/ years before, that he thought was dead, but neither remembered each other due to having their memories erased
Teammate that was his arch-enemy before the memory loss, & would become his arch-enemy yet again
Teammate with the ability to absorbing kinetic energy
Teammate with the ability to teleport
On a mission he 1st encounterd this Russian enemy
3rd historical war that Wolverine fought in for the U.S.
He psychologically tortued this man for the CIA by carving a U.S. flag into his face, turning him into a deranged super-soldier
U.S. government progam that kidnapped him and implanted him with false memories
Metel grafted to his bones by the program's scientists
Scientists who performed the above experiment that grafted the metel to his bones (name 1 of the 3)
After escaping the program, he was found wondering in the Canadian Rockies by these two people who helped him regain his humanity (name 1 of the 2)
Canadian gov't department he worked for soon after
His first mission (& his first appearance in comics) was against these two characters (name 1 of the 2)
Canadian team that tried to bring him back to the Canadain gov't after he quit to join the X-Men
While he was living in Japan he fell in love with this woman, the daughter of the leader of Clan Yashida
He became a adoptive father to this girl after a mother was killed in Japan, & the above woman raised her
Samurai who was a part of Clan Yashida who he battled
Bond to a honor code to thier mentor, Seraph, he was blackmailed into marrying this person who wanted to use his reputation in Madripoor to become the ruling princess
Wolverine was aided by this friend & assassin in preventing the above two from taking over Clan Yashida
Develpoed a relationship w/ this person while aiding her in becoming the new benevolant crime lord of Madripoor
Alias he used while living in Madripoor
Vampire enemy in Madripoor, that thought by drinking his blood he would be transformed back into a human
Partner w/ the above villain who worked for a General Nguyen Ngoc Coy in Madripoor as a special enforcer

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