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Can you name the Marvel Trivia About Wolverine Having To Do With The X-Men?

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Wolverine was recruited into the X-Men by this man
Recruited at the same time as Wolverine, this X-Men w/ the ability to teleport was one of his best friends
Recruited at the same time, this mutant has the ability to turn his body into steel & is one of his closest friends
X-Men recruited at the same time as Wolverine, w/ the ability to fly, control the weather & would lead the X-Men
X-Men recruited at the same time, w/ a sonic scream
Apache Indian X-Men recruited at the same time as Wolverine
Japanese X-Men recruited at the same time as Wolverine with the ability to fly, control & emit solar radiation
After joining he fell for this X-Men, which casued animosity between him, & the team's leader, Cyclops
He became a father figue to this X-Men that is a martial arts expert & has the ability to phase through anything
Former villain w/ the ability to absorb other people's powers, joins the X-Men & becomes a core member
This mutant joins the X-Men w/ the ability to create energy plasmoids, and now is currently a vampire
His adamantium skeleton was forceably removed by
His metel skeleton ended up being re-grafted on by
In return for having his adamantium skeleton replaced he became the above villain's, Horsemen of '.....'
Clone that was created from Wolverine's DNA
He regained all of his memories due to the 'House of M' story-arc events wich were caused by this woman
He joins & is currently a member of this super-hero team
After Cyclops disbands this covert strike team Wolverine organizes & leads a new version of the team
Wolverine has this original X-Men w/ techno-organic wings and a healing factor join the covert strike team
Wolverine has this telepath/telekinetic who can focus her powers into a blade of psionic energy join the team
'Merc w/ a Mouth' that has aided & battled Wolverine many times joins his covert strike team
He had a relationship was w/ this San Francisco reporter
The name Wolverine was refered as after becoming possesed by a demon while his soul was trapped in Hell
Opinions between this X-Men & Wolverine made the team spilt into two, one based in San Fran & one in NY
Wolverine founded and became headmaster of this school for mutants based in upstate New York
The term 'Fastball Special' is when this X-Men member throws Wolverine at a villain
Type of alien that posed as Wolverine
Wolverine's arch-enemy that has adamantium laced bones, claws and a healing factor
Shapeshifting enemy that has led the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants & Freedom Force
Cyborg whose father perfected the adamantium bonding process & who wanted to steel Wolverine's skeleton
Wolverine's son that was trained since birth to be a killer by Romulus & who holds a grudge against his father
Russian enemy that emits poisonous pheromones & has retractable tentacles attached to his arms
Samuari that is the head of Clan Yashida

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