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Spider-Man character was created & co-developed by
True identity of Spider-Man
Uncle that raised Spider-Man
Aunt that raised Spider-Man
Spider-Man's first main love interest
Spider-Man's second main love interest & wife
Spider-Man's best friend & enemy
High School bully that picked on Spider-Man
Spider-Man's first place of employment
Spider-Man's first occupation
Spider-Man's editor and boss
Friend & editor-in-chief at Spider-Man's job
Friend, love interest & secretary at Spider-Man's job
College that Spider-Man attended
Major that Spider-Man pursued & obtained
Currently works as a scientist at this lab
How Spider-Man got his powers
Extrasensory sense that warns him of danger
Ability to stick to & move up & down any surface
Devices on his wrist filled with webbing
Other Identities Spider-Man briefly used (name one)
Super-Hero team he often teamed up with
Current member of this scientific team
Current member of this super-hero team
Love interest & former vigilante partner
Blind vigilante ally of Spider-Man
Sometime vigilante ally & enemy of Spider-Man
Mercenary ally & daughter of a Maggia crime boss
Precog that gave Spider-Man tips on future events
First clone of Spider-Man
Second clone of Spider-Man
Third clone of Spider-Man
Creator of the above clones
Spider-Man's arch-nemesis that owns Oscorp
Alien symbiote that bonded to Spider-Man
Person that the symbiote next bonded to
Crimelord of New York City
Scientist villain with mechanical arms
Scientist villain that has reptilian DNA
Father & son scientists that built Spider-Slayer robots
Villain engineer that devolped a flying harness
Villain with electrical powers
Villain that's a special effects designer & a illusionist
Villain that is a master of disguise
Shapeshifting villain composed of sand
Villain bonded w/ arachnid DNA, then w/ a symbiote
Villain that hunts Spider-Man for sport
Goblin identity used by Roderick Kingsley & Phil Urich
Symbiote that bonded w/ a seriel killer
Newer villain that looks like a photograph negative
Newer villain that can transform into a goblin
Villain team w/ six different rotating members
Story-arc where civilains gained spider powers
Actor that portrayed Spider-Man in the 2000's trilogy
Actor portraying Spider-Man in the new reboot series

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