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Can you name the Members of The Thunderbolts?

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True Identity or HintThunderbolts Members
Katerina van Horn
Clone created by Arnim Zola
Eric O'Grady
Eric Josten
Helmut '....'
Fred Myers
Samuel Smithers
Natalia Romanova, posed as Yelena Belova
Donald Gill
alias--Lester Poindexter
Noah Black
Charles Burlingame
Brock Rumslow
Pierre Fresson
Wade Wilson
'.......' Natchios
Paul Nobersol
Battle suit grants him invisibilty
Johnny Blaze
Maxwell Markham
Donald Clendenon
Clint Barton
Cleavon Twain
Daniel Rand-K'ai
Tony Stark, posed as Cobalt Man
Helen Takahama
Janice Yanzeski
Cain Marko
Mark Milton (Earth-4023)
Samuel Sterns
True Identity or HintThunderbolts Members
alias--Power Man
Abner Jenkins
Theodore Sallis
Abigail Wright
Calvin Zabo
Mastered every fighting style
Karla Sofen
Kyle Richmond
aliases--Green Goblin, Iron Patriot
Frank Simpson
Brian Dunlap
Mercenary that wears purple
Frank Castle
Chen Lu
General 'Thunderbolt' Ross
'......' Hellstrom
MacDonald 'Mac' Gargan
Herman Schultz
Sybl Dvorak
Conrad Josten
Melissa Gold
James Sanders
Robert Baldwin
Andreas von Strucker
Gunna Sijurvald
John Walker
Dallas Riordan
'Flash' Thompson

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