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Can you name the Marvel Universe Characters With the Ability to Teleport?

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True Identity or HintMarvel Character
Yao, former Sorcerer Supreme
En Sabah Nur, possibly the first mutant
Of the Neyaphem race & father of Kurt Wagner
Villain that wanted to be the Sorcerer Supreme
Creates throwing spears that expand into portals
Jericho Drumm, current Sorcerer Supreme
Sorceress Supreme that ruled the Dark Dimension
Controls darkforce energy & is a partner w/ Dagger
Deceased U.S. soldiers turned into cyborgs
Mystical alien that rules the Dark Dimension
Stephen '.......' former Sorcerer Supreme
Asgardian sorceress
Asgadian warrior that uses a battle axe to teleport
Australian Aborigine and ally of the X-Men
Asgadian ruler of Hel and Niffleheim
Interstellar rock star that teleports between planets
Inhuman with the appearence of a dog
True Identity or HintMarvel Character
Asgaridan god of mischief
Ruler of the Limbo Dimension & sister of Colossus
Thunderbolts member made of swamp vegetation
Mephistopheles, demon that rules a hell-like relm
Alias of 3 people, only Francis Klum could teleport
Kurt Wagner, X-Men & most famous teleporter
Sentinel from Earth-811
Fairy-winged X-Men that uses teleportation spells
Used Jean Grey & Rachel Summers as avatars
Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey
Magician and founding Alpha Flight member
Head of Clan Yashida that uses a ring to teleport
Rita Wayword, loyal servant of Mojo
Spider-Man enemy that uses 'Spotworld' to teleport
Telford Porter, a early X-Men enemy
Team X member & Weapon X test subject
Young Avenger & son of the Scarlet Witch

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