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Can you name the Marvel Characters That Were Created By Stan Lee?

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True Identity or HintStan Lee Characters
Emil Blonsky
Carl 'Crusher' Creel
Blind Fantastic Four ally
Negative Zone ruler
Olympian God of War
Warren Worthington, III
Peter Parker's aunt
'......' the Brave
Karl '.....'
Wolfgang '...' '........'
Heinrich '....'
Dr. Henry McCoy
Currently Red She-Hulk
Blackagar Boltagon
Natalia Romanova
Frederick Dukes
Dmitri Smerdyakov
Crystalia Amaquelin
Scott Summers
Matthew Murdock
Victor '...' '....'
Dr. Otto Octavius
Dr. Stephen '.......'
Dark Dimension ruler
alias--Ant-Man, Giant-Man
Howling Commandos, SHIELD
Butler to the Avengers
Maxwell Dillon
Sam Wilson
True Identity or HintStan Lee Characters
'.......' the Dashing
Currently Venom
Son of Reed & Sue Richards
alias--'Devouerer of Planets'
Currently Red Hulk
Currently Atlas
Former love of Peter Parker
Green Goblin, American Son
Clint Barton
Asgardian God of the Dead
Olmpian God of Strength
'.....' the Grim
Bruce Banner
Johnny Storm
Robert Drake
Susan Richards
Tony Stark
Current NYC Mayor
Cain Marko
Kevin Plunder
Nathaniel Richards (6311)
Wilson Fisk
Ulysses '....'
Sergei Kravinoff
Dr. Curt Connors
Asgardian God of Mischief
Max Eisenhardt
Uses the ten power rings
Former wife of Peter Parker
Jason Wyngarde
Medusalith Amaquelin
Reed Richards
Calvin Zabo
True Identity or HintStan Lee Characters
George Tarleton
Quentin Beck
Former director of SHIELD
Green Goblin, Iron Patriot
All-Father of Asgard
Former Tony Stark assistant
Jean Grey
Charles Xavier
Pietro Maximoff
Chen Lu
Aleksei Sytsevich
Daily Bugle Editor-In-Chief
William Baker
Wanda Maximoff
MacDonald 'Mac' Gargan
Mutant hunting robots
Jennifer Walters
Herman Schultz
Lady '...'
Norrin Radd
Alien shape-shifting race
Peter Parker
Benjamin Grimm
alias--'Donald Blake'
Mortimer Toynbee
'.......' the Voluminous
Adrian Toomes
Janet van Dyne
Frightful Four leader
Simon Williams
Dirk Garthwaite

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