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Can you name the Marvel universe Trivia About The Hulk?

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Hulk was co-created by these two men (name 1 of the 2)
The true identity of the Hulk is
U.S. General and the Hulk's arch-nemesis who was in charge of hunting the Hulk, and who is currently the Red Hulk
Hulk & this woman who is currently the Red She-Hulk, would fall in love and have a on & off again relationship
Air Force Major that tried to capture the Hulk
As a scientist the type of research the Hulk studied was
During a underground detonation test, this teenager, now known as A-Bomb, was in the restricted area & was saved by the Hulk
Hulk was a founding member of this super-hero team
Psychiatrist that specialized in gamma research that tried to cure the Hulk, while purposely exposing himself to gamma rays
Hulk is a founding member of this team known for fighting the supernatural consisting of Doctor Strange, Namor & Silver Surfer
Jennifer Walters, Hulk's cousin, was shot and to save her life he gave her a gamma blood transfusion that turned her into
Seperate teams from S.H.I.E.L.D. & the United States Military with the purpose of capturing or killing the Hulk
Hulk became this mutant's 'Horsemen of War'
Elite team of super-heroes that decided to bannish Hulk to another planet where he couldn't cause any destruction
After a navigational error, the Hulk landed on this planet
Hulk was captured & forced to fight as this, for entertainment
Hulk rebelled and overthrew the regime that was run by
After the regime fell he became king & married this woman
Together they had two sons (name one of the two)
After his wife died, he held the team that bannished him responsible, & formed this team to exact revenge
A member of this team was a Kronan made of solid rock
Another member was a insectoid warrior that would betray Hulk
Organization of evil scientists, led by MODOK, that used the Cathexis Ray to turn people into 'hulk type' beings
During this story-arc, the Hulk was chosen as one of the worthy and transformed into Nul: The Breaker of Worlds
Hulk's genetic daughter form another reality (Earth-8009)
Samuel Sterns, Hulk arch-nemesis that gained super intelligence after being bombarded by gamma rays
Emil Blonsky, gamma amphibius reptoid arch-enemy of the Hulk with twice his strength
Cain Marko, Hulk villain known as 'unstoppable' that is powerd by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak
Hulk villain that absorbs the property of anything he touches
Chain reaction at a nuclear power plant created this Hulk villain
Gamma villain team consisting of Hulk enemies, Ironclad, Vapor, Vector and X-Ray
The angrier the Hulk gets, he becomes what
A Hulk catch phrase is when he says he will do this to villains
Another Hulk catch phrase is when he says that he is the........
Actor that played the Hulk in the 70's/80's TV series
Actor that played the Hulk in the 2003 film is
Actor that played the Hulk in the 2008 film is
Actor that played the Hulk in the 2012 Avengers film is

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