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QUIZ: Can you name the Members Of The Defenders Teams?

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True Identity or HintDefenders Members
Atlantean warrior
Warren Worthington, III
Scott Lang
Winged horse
Female version of Norrin Radd
Eric Josten
Dr. Henry McCoy
Felicia Hardy
Mark Todd
Cody Fleishe
Former leader & Warren Worthington love interest
'....' Strange *
Nebula that took human form
Piotr Rasputin
Matthew Murdock
Eric Payne
Dr. Anthony '....'
Dr. Stephen Strange
aliases--'Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Yellowjacket'
Isaac Christians
Clint Barton
Patricia Walker
Damion Hellstrom
True Identity or HintDefenders Members
From planet Duckworld
Bruce Banner
Robert Drake
One of the Eternals of earth
Daniel Rand-K'ai
Former TV reporter & SHIELD agent
Manuel Vicente
Warlord of Atlantis
Alani Ryan
alias--'Power Man'
Assassin that briefly joined
Heather Douglas
'.....' McKenzie
'........' Prentiss
Kyle Richmond, Joaquin Pennysworth
Mercenary that wears purple
Jillian Woods
Tania Belinsky
Elizabeth 'Betty' Ross
Jennifer Walters, Lyra (Earth-8009)
Norrin Radd
Brunnhilde *, Samantha Parrington
Janet van Dyne

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