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Ryan Reynolds2005
Matt Letscher2005
Martin Lawrence2006
Christine Taylor2006
Scout Taylor-Compton2006
Huntley Ritter2007
Jessica Alba2008
Jennifer Lawrence2008
John Travolta*2008*
Paz Vega2009
Joseph Gordon-Levitt2009
Christopher Lloyd2009
Nicolas Cage2010
Zachary Gordon2010
Elias Koteas2010
Sam Worthington2011
Blake Lively2011
Ben Kingsley2011
Johnny Depp2012
Christopher Mintz-Plasse2013
Aaron Taylor-Johnson2013
Judy Greer2013
Keira Knightley2014
Kirsten Stewart2014
Jamie Blackley2014
Denzel Washington2014
Charlize Theron2015
Ron Livingston2016
Seth Rogen2016
Carrie-Anne Moss2016

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