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Can You Name The Characters That Worked For The Daily Bugle At One Time Or Another?

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True Identity or HintDaily Bugle Employees
Former Reporter & current Front Line owner
Former Secretary & current Reporter
Carol Danvers, former Reporter
Former Publisher & scandal sheet printer
Former Reporter & symbiote host
Former Reporter & mobster
Phil Urich, former journalism intern & current crime lord
Former Secretary & current Administrative Assistant
Former Reporter & ally to Cable
Former Publisher & NYC Mayor
Former Columnist/Reporter & head of a criminal empire
Former Reporter that when the New Avengers were slandered
Reporter & brief love interest of Peter Parker
Former Reporter & head of The Pulse
Former City Editor
True Identity or HintDaily Bugle Employees
Reporter & ally of 'Flash' Thompson (Venom)
Reporter that dubbed the name Scarlet Spider
Former Photographer murderd by F.A.C.A.D.E
Villain that posed as a reporter
Former Reporter brainwashed to be the Hobgoblin
Former Photographer known for his immoral way of journalism
Reporter with a sarcastic sense of humor
Former Owner & enemy of Peter Parker
Jeffrey Mace, Reporter during the 1940's
Richard Jones, The Twelve member during WWII
Former Photographer/Reporter
Thomas Fireheart, former Owner
Current Editor-in-Chief
Current Reporter
Peter Parker, former Photographer

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