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Can You Name The Marvel Character's Whose Names Begin With The Letters 'T-U'?

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# of IssuesT - UTrue Identity or Hint
3,848Original Fantastic Four member
3,784Asgardian God of Thunder
697John Walker, former Avenger w/ a bionic arm
638Former Avenger with a feline appearence
516Original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member
504Villain Eternal from the moon of Titan
414Aquatic member of the Inhuman Royal Family
407A evil Android created by Henry Pym
323Uncle to Peter Parker
297Villain who invented a liquid adhesive
295Can copy any fighting style that he's seen
280Matt Hawk, a western crime-fighter
270Eric Masterson, Thor Corps member
267Side-kick to original Human Torch
266Member of the Wrecking Crew
196Hand assassin & enemy of Daredevil & Elektra
195DNA was modified w/ that of a shark & Namor
194American-Indian former X-Men member
# of IssuesT - UTrue Identity or Hint
177Partner of the Aborbing Man
165Daily Bugle reporter & love interest of Beast
157Femizon from Earth-715
153Criminal enforcer & Spider-Man enemy
149Rock Troll enemy of Asgard
146Boris Bullski, battle armor wearer
144Tyros, Herald of Galactus
138Joseph Chapman British super-hero
137Phineas Mason, insane inventor
124Shaman's daughter, Elizabeth Twoyoungman
124Kevin Masterson, Avengers Academy student
121X-Men w/ a energy-manipulating astral form
119Robert Grayson, Agent of Atlas member
118Eternal & daughter of Zuras
112Force field covers his entire body
103Low-level thug & Daredevil enemy
101Madripoor crimelord & Wolverine ally
101Immortal Roman & Hulk enemy

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