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Can you name the Marvel Characters That Have Super-Human Durability Or Are Virtually Indestructible?

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True Identity or HintMarvel Characters
Rick Jones
Emil Blonsky
Carl Creel
Guardians of the Galaxy member
En Sabah Nur
Olympus God of War
Hisako Ichiki
Super-Sentinel (Purifiers)
Henry McCoy
alias--Simon Walters
Lucas Bishop (Earth-1191)
Roxanne Washington
Frederick Dukes
Michael Baer (Marauders)
Merged with the Phalanx
Sam Guthrie
Brian Braddock
Carol Danvers
Cletus Kasady
a Stepford Cuckoo (diamond form)
Reptilian Starjammer
Piotr Rasputin
Luchino Nefaria
Silas Burr
Armando Muñoz
Wade Wilson
Michael Collins/Luther Manning
Magical Asgardian armor
Leonard Samson
alias--White King
Vlad Tempes
Arthur Douglas
White Queen (diamond form)
Amora, Asgardian sorceress
Skurge, Asgardian warrior
Asgardain warrior (The Dashing)
Joanna Cargill
Galan, 'Devourer of Planets'
Nezhno Abidemi
Johnny Blaze/Dan Ketch/Alejandra
True Identity or HintMarvel Characters
Kallark (Imperial Guard)
Paul Pierre Duval
Olympian God of Strength
Asgardian warrior (The Grim)
Bruce Banner
Dorrek VIII
Mark Milton (Earth-712)
Bobby Drake
Michael Steel
Jubilation Lee (vampire)
Cain Marko
Ulysses Klaw
Kronan gladiator on Sakaar
Dr. Curt Connors
Asgardian God of Mischief
alias--Power Man
Monet St. Croix
Theodrore Sallis
Cessily Kincaid
a Stepford Cuckoo (diamond form)
Reed Richards
Calvin Zabo
Nathaniel Essex
Kevin Mack (Avengers Academy)
alieas--Bruiser (Runaways)
Karla Sofen
King of Atlantis
Sentinel from Earth-811
aliases--Green Goblin/Iron Patriot
Richard Rider
Arkady Rossovich
a Stepford Cuckoo (diamond form)
Jean Grey
Wendell Vaughn
Chen Lu
Elvin Haliday
General Thaddeus Ross
Betty Ross
Aleksei Sytsevich
True Identity or HintMarvel Characters
Santo Vaccarro
Anna Marie
Victor Creed
Lyra (Earth-8009)
alias--Black King
William Baker
Walter Langkowski
Robert Reynolds
Jennifer Walters
Norrin Radd
Son of Bruce Banner
Peter Parker
Harry Creel
Guido Carosella
Eternal of the moon Titan
Benjamin Grimm
Asgardian God of Thunder
Eric Masterson
Todd Arliss
Mary MacPherran
Lonnie Lincoln
Eddie Brock
Android created by Henry Pym
Gunther Bain
Brunnhilde, Asgardian warrior
'Flash' Thompson
Victor Shade & Jonas
Asgardian warrior (The Voluminous)
Gabriel Summers
Technarchian (New Mutants)
James Proudstar
Paul Cartier/Georges Baptiste
Jacob Russoff
James Howlett
Simon Williams
Simon Garthwaite
Laura Kinney

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